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Success Stories

Meet some of our GAPP alumni and see how a short-term high school exchange has changed their lives and influenced the paths they have taken.

If you participated in a GAPP exchange and you would like us to tell your story, please contact us at We might feature your story here on our website or on Facebook!

GAPP - Alumni Isaiah (Zugspitze) Photo (detail) © I. Cram
"I have always wanted to travel from a young age. However, I never actually had the opportunity to travel out of the United States before this," writes Isaiah Cram from Jackson, MI, about his 3-week GAPP trip to Germany. Read about Isaiah's experiences in Germany and how he thinks the exchange has changed his life. Read more

Foto Katie Henley Foto: Goethe-Institut
Katie Henly currently works as the Program Coordinator for Germany at Intercultural Student Experiences, a Minnesota based non-profit, helping German language teachers across the country plan their exchange trips to Germany. Read more

Foto Cari Schmitz Foto: Goethe-Institut
Cari Schmitz participated in a GAPP exchange in 2005. Now she is interning at a company in Einbeck in Germany, before starting her Ph.D. Read more


GAPP in the news

04/17/19, The Lititz Record Express: "Warwick approves proposed final budget; extends teacher’s contract"

 Besides important budget decisions, superintendent  April Hershey announced that this year, Warwick School District will be celebrating 30 years of GAPP Exchange with the König-Karlmann Gymnasium in Altöttig. Read more to find out about the special 30th anniversary gifts from their German partners.

03/06/19, Lititz Record Express: "Event will mark 30th anniversary of Warwick's German exchange program"

1989 was not only a year of great importance for Germany with the  borders between East and West Germany being opened, but also for the communities of Warwick (PA) and Altöttingen. 1989 marked the beginning of the GAPP exchange between Warwick School District and König-Karlmann High School in Altöttingen. The 30th anniversary of the partnership was celebrated with Warwick hosting a special event for past and future GAPP participants during the visit of the German exchange partners.

10/03/2018, The Litiz Record Express: "30 Warwick exchange students travel to Germany"

30 years of exchange at Warwick High School! Therefore it was just suitable for this summers exchange to travel with a total of 30 students. German teacher Wendy Andrews is enthusiastic : “The primary purpose of the partnership is to promote international friendship between Germany and America."