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Your contribution to a student’s global education can make a world of difference. Learning a language, cultural immersion, and international education are life-changing experiences for teenagers and young adults. By sponsoring one of our programs, you can directly help students with financial need gain access to high-quality German language courses, participate in their school's student exchange, or meet the admission requirements of a German university. 

In addition to the positive personal impact you’ll have on supported students, sponsorship includes:
  • Acknowledgement on the Goethe-Institut website, social media channels, and stipend certificates
  • Invitations to Goethe-Institut VIP events, career fairs, and networking events
  • Corporate German language course discounts
  • Goethe-Institut library membership for all employees

Our Programs

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Language Courses

Learning German at a young age opens the door to a lifetime of opportunities. German language skills facilitate access to a tuition-free college education in Germany as well as highly skilled jobs with German companies. Yet, many public schools have stopped offering German language classes in recent years. Help interested youth learn the German language and expand their cultural horizons by taking scholarship-based courses at our institutes in Boston, New York and San Francisco.


Where I come from, very few people speak German. The language was far from something I’d ever expected to learn. Because of this scholarship program, I am working toward completing my second German class. I never would have had this opportunity.
– Abraham Derival, 11th grade, NYC


Your contribution

A full sponsorship ($550) covers all fees for a 12-week intensive language course. Donate any amount you choose to help our students.

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High School Exchange

An immersive educational experience in a foreign country can have a transformational positive effect on a young student. The German American Partnership Program is the largest, most successful bilateral student exchange program between the US and another country. Through GAPP, groups of American high school students travel to Germany for two or more weeks to study at their partner schools and live with local host families.


This trip has shown me a whole new world and with it, memories and a culture that is deeper than I imagined. Traveling to a foreign country to improve mutual understanding by living with people, learning that with a little respect and tolerance in the world, we would be able to solve many of the world’s problems.

– Chris Clark, Westfield High School, Westfield, MA


A full sponsorship ($1,600-2,300) covers all travel expenses as well as modest per-diem. Donate any amount you choose to help our students.

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Study Bridge

German universities are tuition-free, offer a world-class education, and feature distinguished STEM programs. Studying in Germany gives students an excellent foundation for a successful career anywhere in the world. Our Study Bridge program provides German academic and language preparation to high school juniors who plan to earn a university degree in Germany. Scholarship candidates must demonstrate outstanding achievements in STEM subjects.

Study Bridge has given me new options for potential colleges and careers. While living with a host family and attending a gymnasium, I also have the chance to experience German language and culture first-hand.
- Lauren Schrempp
11th grade, La Guardia High School



A full sponsorship ($5,000) covers all expenses for academic and German-language preparatory training. Donate any amount you choose to help our students. 

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