Teacher training in North America and Germany

The Goethe-Institut offers teachers of German in the U.S., in Canada, and in Germany many versatile and practice-oriented opportunities for continuing education in various formats.


The Goethe-Institut and the American as well as the Canadian Associations of Teachers of German (AATG and CATG) present GETVICO, the Virtual Conference for German Teachers in the US and Canada.

​The next GETVICO will take place on September 29, 2018
Call for Abstracts until April 1, 2018

Individual or group coaching sessions

The Goethe-Institut trains Coaches to offer individual or group coaching sessions to German teachers at middle and high schools. This offering is geared towards teachers at the beginning of their career and is centered around their concrete professional development needs. Schools or individual teachers can request coaching here.

College Cooperation

Worldwide cooperations with German departments at colleges and universities allow students of German to participate in our online seminar DEUTSCH LEHREN LERNEN  — DLL (LEARNING HOW TO TEACH GERMAN) at their school. Participants earn certificates that are recognized by many educational organizations, opening doors to careers at Goethe-Instituts and partner institutions.