Theater Workshop for Teachers

  • Theater Workshop for teachers © Susanne Even

  • Theater Workshop for teachers © Goethe-Institut Chicago

Theater is fun! You learn something while playing, and you remember the material better and easier.

A good reason to use drama methods to teach language.

Therefore, the Goethe-Institut Chicago organized a workshop for language teachers. The workshop participants explored various aspects, such as learning grammar through theater, preparing texts for a dramatic performance, or identifying with a character. Susanne Even, expert in the area of drama pedagogy, led the workshop.

In order to allow a larger number of German teachers to use drama methods in their classrooms, the workshop was filmed. Selected techniques and exercises can be accessed here:



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Heißer Stuhl



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Zum Abschluss 

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Teachers are encouraged to watch the clips and try out the methods in their classes. Have fun!