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All aboard the WanderbUS! In early March the WanderbUS began its nationwide tour of High Schools and universities all across the continental United States. As part of the Deutschlandjahr the WanderbUS will visit 60 schools from now until early November of 2019. Our team of educational professionals will host Germany-shows, combining fun games with exciting opportunities to speak German and helpful information on manifold opportunities to learn the language and study or work in Germany in innovative and captivating ways. If you want to follow their journey, please check out our Instagram channel. Here you'll find lots of impressions from the events as well as from all sorts of fascinating encounters the WanderbUS team has as it travels this beautiful country.

Wanderbus in action

Hanover County Public Schools
Hanover County Public Schools

Three reasons to visit the wanderbUS

Learn German Fotocredit: Bernhard Ludewig 2012

Boost your German

It isn't just Kindergarten and Bratwurst. Polish your German skills in a fun way with our team of language professionals!

Soccer Fotocredit: Getty Images/Caspar Benson.

Win great prizes!

Take part in our quiz about Germany, test your knowledge about the country and its culture and become one of our German-American champions!

Neuschwanstein Fotocredit: Getty Images/Frank Lukasseck

Experience Germany!

Hamburg in the North, Nürnberg in the South, Frankfurt in the heart of the country: Join us for a virtual tour of some of the most exciting places in Germany!

When and where?

Our tour will kick off in March of 2019 in Washington, DC. During the spring we will travel through the South East, the South West, and the western parts of the United States. After the summer break we will continue our tour in the North West, the Midwest, the Midatlantic, and the Northeast.

Check out the map above or download the complete tour schedule:

If you have any questions about our tour, please contact the wanderbUS team.

Online material

The wanderbUS is not coming to a school near you? No need to worry! If you are curious about Germany and the German-American friendship, there are a lot of things you can discover directly from your class room.

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