Blended Learning Courses

Your goal

Do you want to learn German and have high standards and expectations, but only have a limited amount of time? Are you used to learning on a computer, but don’t want to miss out on the advantages of a face-to-face classroom environment? Would you like to have greater flexibility to choose learning times that work for you?

What does BLENDED LEARNING offer?

Our BLENDED LEARNING courses combine the best of both worlds: intense face-to-face instruction and flexible online German lessons. Since this learning format is especially efficient, you will make major progress within just a short period of time. We currently offer BLENDED LEARNING courses for all levels. Depending on the course, you can decide whether you would like to continue with the Blended Learning format or would prefer to switch to a traditional face-to-face course or a completely online course.

Blended-Learning ist das ideale Angebot, wenn Sie schnell Deutsch lernen möchten, aber nicht die Zeit haben, an dreistündigen Kurssitzungen teilzunehmen.

Course description for BLENDED LEARNING

  • For face-to-face lessons you only have to meet with your class for 90 minutes per meeting. You will learn in a group of 6 to 16 students.
  • During the online units, you will work on your computer using the Goethe-Institut’s interactive learning platform. You can individually and flexibly decide when and where you want to learn. With the help of professional, multimedia exercises and the latest learning methods, you will practice your reading, writing, and listening comprehension skills in German.  
  • You will work on individual and group assignments. You can personally interact with other students in the course via chat or in forums.
  • The scope and content of the curriculum corresponds to that of our face-to-face courses. The 40 lesson units are divided equally into face-to-face classes and online learning units. The course lasts 10 weeks. A German instructor will personally support you for the entire duration of the course. This instructor will give you assignments and regular feedback on your progress.  
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