Courses for individuals and small groups

Individualized Course Program

Although our home base in Back Bay is undergoing extensive renovation, we are pleased to be able to once again offer private instruction for students willing to meet with instructors in alternate spaces.

Private lesson instruction is sold by "Teaching Units" (TU) - one TU is 45-minutes, and each lesson must be 2 TU (90-minutes). The cost per TU is $75 for a single student and the group rate varies by the number of participants.

Students must purchase blocks of TU in multiples of 10 (five 90-minute lessons). For example:

  • 10 TU = five 90-minute lessons = $750
  • 20 TU = ten 90-minute lessons = $1500
  • 30 TU = fifteen 90-minute lessons = $2250
Students purchasing 20 or more TU at once receive a 10% discount.

Please contact our office at for more information.

Further Information

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Overview of levels A1–C2

Our German courses are based on the levels defined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.