Career Opportunities

Teachers of German as a Foreign Language

The Goethe-Institut USA is seeking Teachers of German as a Foreign Language to begin now

As of now, the Goethe-Institut Boston is seeking highly motivated teachers to join our team as of now for training seminars and cooperative preparation of language teaching and exam operations at the Goethe-Institut Boston. There will be a period of in-depth familiarization with the Goethe-Institut’s standards and methods of teaching German as a foreign language and the use of digital media in language teaching.

Your Role on the Teaching Staff:

  • Teach children, teenagers and adults in German as a Foreign Language
  • Ability to teach A1 to C2 levels
  • Administer exams of Goethe-Certificates A1 to C2 (Exam Administration Certificate required)
  • Participate in staff meetings and further training courses at the institute
  • Collaborate with the Language Department, incl. relevant events and projects in the field of teaching and training
  • Provide advice to customers on the Goethe-Institut's language courses and exams
Your Profile:
  • Command of native level German
  • Degree in German Studies or qualifications as a Teacher of German as a Foreign Language with an in-depth understanding of related teaching methods
  • Previous experience teaching adult-level German as a Foreign Language
  • Ability to integrate digital media in the classroom (ie teaching platform, interactive whiteboards and iPad)
  • Familiarity with the spectrum of published teaching material for German as a Foreign Language
  • Competency in teaching intercultural studies
  • High social and intercultural competence
Our Offer:
  • A contract with competitive conditions
  • Introduction to the Goethe-Institut's methods and teaching standards (compensated separately)
  • Continuing education opportunities at the institute
The Goethe-Institut is committed to the equal treatment of sexes in the workplace. The Goethe-Institut is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Candidates must have a valid work permit for the United States.

Please submit your application (resume and cover letter, names and contact information of two to three references and a draft proposal for a class room lesson related to "housing" (A1-level) by e-mail to Christine Möller-Sahling.


GRÜNES DIPLOM ― Teach German at the Goethe-Institut

In its efforts to expand its language course offerings, the Goethe-Institut Boston is looking for college/university graduates who are interested in becoming certified as an instructor of German as a Foreign Language (DaF – Deutsch als Fremdsprache). The Goethe-Institut Boston is offering a continuing education program for this certification. The Grünes Diplom is the worldwide standardized certification for DaF instructors at Goethe-Institut locations abroad.
Goal of the Continuing Education Program 

With the Grünes Diplom, you will acquire knowledge of the fundamentals of modern foreign language instruction. You will be inspired to learn more about topics related to language teaching, methodology, and didactics, and will become familiar with the quality standards of the Goethe-Institut.
Depending on one’s certification, two continuing education options are offered: 
1. Grünes Diplom with DaF certification

  • Introduction – Fundamentals of teaching at the Goethe-Institut, observation classes, and supervised instructional experience (approx. 4-6 weeks)
  • Examiner certification, tutoring training, proof of language abilities at least at the C1 level
  • If lacking: Continuing education in Germany 
2. Grünes Diplom without DaF certification

The continuing education program consists of the following components: 
  • Introduction – Fundamentals of teaching at the Goethe-Institut, observation classes, and supervised instructional experience (approx. 4-6 weeks)
  • In-depth training – Online-based DaF distance learning program Deutsch Lehren Lernen (Learn to Teach German) – DLL 1-6, 9 (approx. 8-12 months)
  • Tester certificate, tutoring training, proof of language abilities at least at the C1 level
  • If lacking: Continuing education in Germany 
Working professionals may also participate in the program. Classroom instruction is possible after the introduction to the fundamentals of teaching at the Goethe-Institut and after completing two successful supervised instructional experiences. 
Application requirements
  • A college/university degree
  • Proven knowledge of German at the C1 level as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  • Interest and willingness to continue working as a German language instructor on a long-term basis after completing the continuing education program
  • Flexibility: Willingness to teach at nights or on the weekends
  • Confident and secure handling of digital media 
Your costs for participating in Option 2 of the training program are the costs for the distance learning program (DLL). 
Application and selection process
Please send your application materials consisting of your CV, copies of your degree(s) and certificates, as well as a detailed personal statement (at least 500 words) to: 

Goethe-Institut Boston
Christine Moeller-Sahling, PhD
Language Program Director

A written agreement will be concluded between the participant and the Goethe-Institut regarding participation in the continuing education program.