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Goal oriented and topic specific

We offer an extensive range of special courses on a wide variety of topics. Or are you looking for a course for your company? Or do you want to learn German in a small group?

Do you want to freshen up your grammar? Or become more fluent in conversational German?  At various times throughout the year, we offer Grammar Review courses, German for Scholarly Reading, Conversation courses, and many more.
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Are you interested in learning German but unsure what to expect from a virtual classroom? Check it out by signing up for a free sneak preview lesson!  The lessons last about an hour and
include a short technical check.

Class dates and times are as follows:
Saturday, April 4, at 11 AM
Monday, April 6, at 5 PM
Tuesday, April 7, at 1 PM
Wednesday, April 8, at 12 PM
Thursday, April 9, at 6 PM
Friday, April 10, at 3 PM
Saturday, April 11, at 11 AM

To sign up for a lesson, please send a message and include your name, email address and the date you would like to participate to germancourses-chicago@goethe.de and we will send you the login information for the course. Please sign up by no later than one day before the class is scheduled to take place.

Berlin 1929

Aus einem faszinierenden Buch ist eine spannende Serie geworden - Babylon Berlin. In diesem Semester legen wir den Schwerpunkt auf die Serie, die Deutschland und besonders Berlin von 1929 so gut beschreibt. Viele verschiedene Punkte werden wir uns in diesem Umfeld ansehen, Geschichte, Politik, Architektur und Lebensweise von 1929 genauso wie Redewendungen und Grammatik.

German for Scholarly Reading

This course will be taught in English and will teach the basics of German grammar required for reading academic texts.  It will introduce scholars with no background in German to important grammatical concepts, reading strategies, and important vocabulary.  It will help students learn to systematically analyze the different elements of texts in order to expand their understanding of a given text.