Current Course Offerings

All course options are conducted entirely in virtual classrooms (Zoom, beginning in Summer 2021). To participate, you must use: headset/headphones, desktop or laptop computer, internet speeds of at least 3 mbps, and mastery of basic computer functions (copy/paste, etc.) Mobile devices/Chromebooks cannot be used for class.
If you are not able to meet these requirements, please do not register for a course.


Blended Learning Courses meet 10 times live (virtually) for 90-minutes per session on the posted schedule for Standard and Intensive classes, and 20 times for Superintensive classes. The remaining material (50%) is presented on a digital platform.

  • 10-week Standard classes are 28 June to 4 September EXCEPT Thursday classes, which will meet 8 July to 9 September
  • 5-Week Intensive classes meet 28 June to 2 August (no class on 1 July), and 5 August to 9 September (no class on 6 September)
  • 5-Week Superintensive classes meet 28 June to 2 August (no class on 1 July), and 3 August to 7 September (no class on 6 September)
  • The Fall Semester will run from 13 September to 22 November; no classes will be held on 11 October.
Online Group Classes are 100% asynchronous, and meet for 5, 8 or 16 weeks. Classes have 1 live, hour-long meeting every 2.5 weeks for speaking practice.
  • 5-week classes: 1 July to 4 August and 5 August to 1 September
  • 8-Week classes: 1 July to 25 August
  • 16-week classes: 1 July to 20 October
Kaffeeklatsch Conversation Groups meet live (virtually), guided by an instructor.
  • 10 week session runs 6 July to 14 September
Individualized Options are also available! For more information, email

Online Course Payments

Please contact your credit card company to ensure approval for fee-free foreign transactions (tuition is processed in Munich). We cannot offer refunds for third-party fees. If you require a different payment option, email

Trial Classes and Placement

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