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Alex Gerbaulet at CATE

Gene Siskel Film Center of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Alex Gerbaulet in person.
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Alex Gerbaulet, * 1977, artist, filmmaker and curator, based in Berlin.

Between 2000 and 2007 she studied Philosophy, Media Science and Fine Arts in Braunschweig (Germany) and Vienna. In 2008 she was awarded a scholarship from the Hans-Böckler-Foundation, in 2011 she was selected for Berlinale Talent Campus DOK Station, in 2012 she received a scholarship from the Mayor of Berlin (program for women artists) and in 2014 a grant from Art- und Culture-Foundation Stade (Germany).
Between 2006 and 2011 she was a member of the Selection Committee of the Documentary Film- and Video-Festival in Kassel (Germany); 2012 and 2013 member of the Selection Committee of the European Media Art Festival (EMAF) in Osnabrück (Germany).
From 2007-2011 she was staff member at the University of Arts in Braunschweig, 2012-2014 she tought at the University of Arts in Kassel. 2017 she was a mentor in the Short Film Station of Berlinale Talents. Since 2014 she works as a producer with Pong Film GmbH in Berlin.
For her artwork the notion of documentarism gives an important impact. She has made several video-art projects among them BY LAND (2002), DATTERODE (2006), TATTOOED PRISONERS (2007) and ALREADY AFTERNOON (2009) in the art context. SCHICHT (SHIFT, 2015) was her first film especially for the cinema space. It received many awards: best contribution to the German Competition at the International Short Film Fest Oberhausen (2015), First Film Award at FID Marseille (2015), German Film Critics Award (2015) and Best Female Director at the Vienna Independent Shorts Festival (2016).
Her recent short film “Depth of Field” is her first collaboration with artist and filmmaker Mareike Bernien. It premiered as an installation at the festival “The Aesthetics of Resistance – Peter Weiss 100” at HAU Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin.

Datterode (2005, 7 min)
„25 March 2005 The landscape is very rangy by now. Small peaked mountains, and a castle or some kind of manor or mansion sits on almost every one of them, the road winds around them. And everything appears out of the fog just like a sketch, and vanishes only a moment later. The international congress hotel in Datterode welcomes me with a garden gnome idyll in the front garden.” (Alex Gerbaulet, travel diary on Datterode)

Tattooed Prisoners (2007, 14 min)
The film deals with the political expression of tattooing by an example of a model project in the youth prison Neustrelitz/east-Germany, which allows young offenders, to cover up their unconstitutional symbols. It’s also about the tension between tattoos as an expression of the individual and as part of a language of power, the power of pictures and access to the body.

Shift (2015, 29 min)
SHIFT (Schicht) is both a reckoning and a search for traces of the past. Layer by layer the film unfolds the portrait of the filmmaker's family - brought to life by records from private archives - and embarks on a dizzying trip through the shrinking industrial city of Salzgitter, Germany.

Depth of Field (2017, 15 min)
A flower stand, a tailor shop, a snack car: three places in the German city of Nuremberg that became crime scenes when the “National Socialist Underground” (NSU), a far-right terrorist group, murdered three independent business owners with migrant backgrounds between 2000 and 2005. These three places struggle with memory and shock, as they become the windows into a city whose axis repeatedly tilts and tips out of frame.



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