Mach bloß (kein) Theater! Inszenierungen für den Deutschunterricht.

Susanne Even

Theaterworkshop for teachers


Theater is fun! You learn something while playing, and you remember the material better and easier.
A good reason use drama methods to teach language.
The Goethe-Institut Chicago organizes a workshop for language teachers. The workshop will discuss various aspects, such as learning grammar with theater, preparing texts for a dramatic performance, or identifying with a character.
Susanne Even, expert in the area of drama pedagogy will lead the workshop.
Interested teachers can apply for participation simply by sending an email to Tell us where you teach and why you would like to participate in the workshop.
The workshop is free. In additions, the Goethe-Institut will provide lodging (in double rooms), meals and a stipend for travel expenses.The deadline for your application is Friday, September 22, 2017.
If you have any questions, please contact .


312 263 0472

Language: German