Walk About It by Deep Time Chicago

South Pond, Lincoln Park Zoo
South Pond, Lincoln Park Zoo | ©Studio Gang

Studio Gang's South Pond Restoration Project

Restoring our City's Ecosystems : Studio Gang's South Pond Restoration Project : October 8th : Meet at 11am

http://studiogang.com/project/nature-boardwalk-at-lincoln-park-zoo (pavilion where we will meet is pictured...)

Join Deep Time Chicago alongside our friends from Studio Gang, who will give us an overview and tour of the architecture studio's ecological restoration project, which lies just to the south of the Lincoln Park Zoo. This project, as most of the studio's work, goes way beyond buildings, talking into account the deep entanglements of the built environment with the natural world. Their work has helped to bring this area 'back to life,' so that it now teems with diversity, and even hosts locally-endangered night herons during their breeding season. We'll also be joined by Seth Magle and Jazmin Rios from the Urban Wildlife Institute, who will help us understand the web of life now thriving in this special city park and introduce us to to some of the many species with which we share this space.

Bring water and sun protection...and snacks if you're so inclined. We'll meet under the Studio Gang pavilion, which is the beautiful 'bubbled' structure easily visible when you arrive at the South Pond.


South Pond, Lincoln Park Zoo, 2001 North Clark Street, Chicago