The Mies Project

Mies Project
© Arina Dähnick

Photos by Arina Dähnick

Goethe-Institut Chicago

The MIES-Project will also be shown at Farnsworth House in Plano from August 4 through September 8, 2019

Concurrent with the exhibition at the Goethe-Institut a larger show can be seen at IIT's S.R. Crown Hall from September 16 through November 19, 2019. More information can be found here.

Arina Dähnick, photo artist of fine art and architecture, lives and works in Berlin.
Arina had her first professional photo exhibition at the age of 17. With her series Perfect Life, Contemporary Architecture Barcelona and The MIES-Project she exhibited in Germany and abroad and solidly establishing her place in the international photo scene.
With the legendary Leica M rangefinder camera - an unusual choice for architectural photography - Arina follows her photographic intuition, choosing viewing angle and distance, the different light at various times of day and year, adjusting aperture, exposure, and focusing manually. Nothing is added to the result, the photographer consistently refrains from image manipulation.

Arina Dähnick © Arina Dähnick
Arina Dähnick captures the soul of the architecture with her camera, designing interlocking image levels, initiating a multifaceted game with reality and perception, between the reality and imagination.


Goethe-Institut Chicago

150 North Michigan Avenue
Suite 200
Chicago, lL 60601

Price: Free Admission

312.263.0472 rsvp-chicago@goethe.de

Opening Reception: September 16 at 5pm