Learn German.

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  • Individual support from your teacher
  • Professional and engaging course material
  • Flexible time management
  • Blended learning and online courses

Our courses were designed with you in mind: personal, flexible and adhering to the highest standards. No matter if you are at a beginner's level or more advanced, which aspect of your German you'd like to improve, or how you would like to organize your study time – our portfolio will have the right course for you.

Blended Learning

  • 50% in a virtual classroom
  • weekly sessions
  • talk to your group and to your teacher
  • tailored instructional approach

Spezialized Courses Online

  • conversation & culture
  • grammar training
  • writing
  • exam prep

In-Person Courses

  • communicative and effective
  • quintessential onsite teaching
  • different course formats
  • great learning environment in our
    modern equipped classrooms

Courses for Children and teenagers

Online Courses for Children and Teenager

  • from age 6, until age 17
  • online and interactively
  • prior knowledge optional

Individual Courses

Deutsch Online Individual

  • learn individually and flexibly
  • modular system
  • teacher support

Deutsch Online
Individual Training

  • Independent of time and location (24/7)
  • Individual learning pace
  • Learn independently without a teacher

Deutsch Online Live

  • 45-minute one-on-one session
  • ideal to prepare for an important task
  • e.g., exam, job interview,
    business opportunity

Test our offers

Click through our learning platform and some trial chapters on the A1 or A2 level.

  • Begrüßung

    Trial Chapter A1 Start Hallo, wie geht's?

    Here you will learn  the times of the day, how to greet someone in German and how to introduce yourself.

  • Essen und Trinken

    Trial Chapter A1 Beginners Eating and drinking

    Here you will learn words about food and drink and how to express quantities when out shopping.

  • Restaurant

    Trial Chapter A2 At the restaurant

    Here you will learn how to order in the restaurant, how to ask for the bill and how to tip.

Which level is right for you? Beginners should choose A1.1.
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