New York

For over four months, the world has witnessed unimaginable atrocities. The massacre of October 7 was shocking and abhorrent. We demand the unconditional release of hostages held by Hamas. We mourn the immense loss of civilian lives in Gaza and call for an immediate ceasefire.
Since its founding as the official cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1951, the Goethe-Institut has independently promoted cultural exchange and discourse. The Goethe-Institut rejects all forms of violence, racism, antisemitism, and islamophobia. We carry out and support numerous cultural, artistic, and educational projects against hatred across the world.

In 2020, the Goethe-Institut signed the “GG 5.3 Weltoffenheit Initiative”. Its name refers to Article 5.3 of the German constitution, which guarantees freedom of the arts and science. The Goethe-Institut upholds this freedom of speech. In this spirit, the Goethe-Institut is committed to fostering peaceful and open discussions on diverse opinions, even if controversial.

In a world threatened by polarization and a growing unwillingness to listen to one another, we nonetheless believe in the facilitation of dialogue. This is not possible without allowing and creating space for dissent. We are against all forms of boycott, including those that demand we cease collaborating with boycotters. We stand firmly against attempts to silence, dehumanize, or incite to violence against others.
All people have the right to live in peace and without fear. Our hearts are with all victims, their families, and with our Goethe-Institut colleagues and partners in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank.

Published February 22, 2024