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Grammar Course

Grammar structures are like building blocks of a language. Refresh your grammar knowledge in our course to effectively communicate in German.
Bauhaus CCO

Let's talk Bauhaus

Combine your interest in art and architecture with learning German!
Tree - Transition from fall to winter © Goethe-Institut / Getty Images

Winter in German speaking countries: places, customs and traditions

Discover different winter and Christmas traditions in German-speaking countries in our conversation course "Winter in German-speaking countries".

Germany from WW2 to Present through Film and Literature

Explore the emergence of post-war Germany through films and literature: from the aftermath of WWII and its division into East and West to its changing identity after reunification.
Schreibkurs CCO

Write like a Pro

In our 5-week online course (for B1, B2, and C1 levels) you will be training to write and edit different types of texts: a travel story, book or film review, blog post or other text genres relevant for the Goethe-Zertifikat exam.
Konversationskurs Online © GettyImages

Germany Today

This conversation class is  designed for advanced learners. In an engaging and informal atmosphere, you will have a chance to discuss current events and topics in Germany.
Company Courses © iStock

By request: Corporate, Individual and Small Group Instruction

Corporate, individual and small group instruction tailored to your needs. Instruction can be held either at the Institut or on site. 

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