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Goethe Goes Clubbing

Public Works
© Peter Blick

In the context of the 50th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut San Francisco

Public Works

The Goethe-Institut San Francisco and PUBLIC WORKS invite to a stunning club concert with Berlin based DJs/DJanes, live bands, and visual artists.

PUBLIC WORKS is a multifaceted, multipurpose community and event space located in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District.

Meet the artists:

Monolink © © Jendrick Hillebrecht Monolink © Jendrick Hillebrecht
Monolink | A singer-songwriter and electronic music producer. His style seamlessly connects the narrative structure of a song with the compelling forward thrust of electronic rhythms.
Based in Berlin, he is known all over the world, and played at various music festivals such as Coachella.


Dwig © © Dwig ©
Dwig | His downtempo sound is playfully located between techno, house and hip-hop beats. He is an important part of the famous Giegling Crew and is booked all around renowned clubs in Europe and the US.


Feathered Sun © © Feathered Sun ©
The savors of sunset and sunrise: stirringly soft, still, transient, and a hint at infinite celestial expansion. Hitchhiking through similar metaphysical moods, Berlin collective Feathered Sun will feature Raz Ohara and in the Loft for this party.

Listen: Sun - Ocean Tree

Fata & Morgana © © Peter Blick Fata & Morgana © Peter Blick
Fata & Morgana means "mirage" in many languages - it is also the musical alias of Pawel Chojecki, the DJ/Musician based in Berlin. His background in sound engineering enables him to combine electronic music with slow, melodic, deep and international sounds that take the listener around the world. Established in Kater Blau, he draws his inspiration from the best artists in the genre.

Listen:"Sonntagstanz" by Fata & Morgana


Public Works

161 Erie Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Price: $20
+1 415 2638760