Kaddish for a Friend (Director: Leo Khasin, color, 94 min., 2010/11)

Kaddisch for a Friend
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Ali is new to Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. As a Lebanese refugee, his presence in Germany is hanging in the balance. The local tough boys put him to a test of courage: breaking into the apartment of an elderly neighbor, a Jewish-Russian immigrant. After doing this, Ali has to make amends with the old man to prevent his own deportation.

A touching story of an unequal friendship.

A non-invasive, quietly-narrated film, making its message of reconciliation all the more lasting and moving to viewers. - Cinema

Using a tranquil narrative pace, the film manages to thematize guilt and forgiveness in the microcosm of a small-scale interpersonal encounter, against the background of a global conflict. - Excerpt from the German Film Quality Assessment Board’s jury statement in awarding the film with the distinction “valuable”

In this multifaceted and, at the same time, exciting film, Khasin shows a life that swings between living on the bread line and daily worries, dependency on governmental departments and encounters with the past. The result: a story that is anything but a black and white. - Jüdische Allgemeine



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