Deutsch online Live

Improve your spoken language skills in our online sessions

Learn and practice German conversational skills no matter where you live in the US! In personalized, one-on-one sessions, our Deutsch Online Live instructors can help you prepare for an interview or exam, get ready for working or studying abroad, or better communicate with German-speaking family and friends.
Deutsch Online Live is offered at all levels (A1-C2) as single sessions or in packages. Learn more about our online format and session logistics by selecting an option below.


Discount Package

Five 45-minute online sessions
Recommended for longer-term goals (e.g, building general conversational skills, preparing to move to Germany)


Single Sessions

One 45-minute online session
Recommended for short-term goals (e.g., preparing for an imminent interview, exam, or trip to Germany) or sampling the Deutsch Online Live course format