Special Courses

If you are interested in the current social, political, legal or cultural debates in Germany and Europe, or wonder how Germans are coming to terms with their past or what the newest themes at the Frankfurt book fair are, then you should not miss this course. Using German-language newspaper articles, TV features, blogs, films and your own research, we will discuss politics and culture, media, economy, and history within the context of current events.

If you would like to improve your oral fluency, expand your vocabulary as well as work on your presentation skills in German, and are comfortable at the B2 level or above, we would be pleased to have you join us in this course. All materials will be provided or are available in the public domain. Course participants are encouraged to suggest additional topics of interest.  

Dates and Prices

Corporate, Individual and Small Group Instruction

In addition to our standard and special courses at the Goethe-Institut, we also offer corporate, individual and small group instruction tailored to your needs. Instruction can be held either at the Institut or on site. We can also help you effectively combine corporate, individual or small group instruction with our standard courses or classes in Germany.
Number of students For lessons here at the Goethe-Institut Washington
1 $ 80
2 $ 45
3 $ 35
4+ $ 30
all prices are per teaching unit (TU) to 45 minutes
2 TU per lesson minimum 

15% discount available to those booking 20 or more units.

Contact us or come by the Language Course Office to discuss your needs with one of our highly qualified advisors.