Elections in Germany 2017

Reichstagskuppel Berlin
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A Competition for PASCH Schools in the United States

Goethe-Institut Washington

In this competition, PASCH students transform into German politicians! This September, PASCH schools will host talk shows in which students improve their debate skills and discuss in English questions of migration as representatives of a German political party. Their teachers will film these talk shows and submit the videos to a committee that will select the most convincing “politicians.” The three best speakers nationwide will travel to Washington, DC on November 6 to compete with each other in a talk show and deliver an election speech in the finals. A jury will select the winner who will be awarded a scholarship for a summer course for teens in Germany in 2018.

We have selected our three best speakers and look forward to welcoming you at the German embassy in Washington on November 6! The topic of the debate is climate change. There are a limited number of travel stipends available to school groups that plan to attend this event. Please contact us to apply.


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