Virtual Sound Installation
The Roedelius Cells

Matthew Gantt banner
(c) Matthew Gantt

Virtual Audiovisual Environment by Matthew D. Gantt


To make THE ROEDELIUS CELLS accessible during the pandemic, in addition to in-person visits you can experience the installation online in form of a virtual audiovisual environment, created by Matthew D. Gantt. As you explore the virtual space, your position in relation to each circle will determine how you hear the work.

Audio Installation by Tim Story, Piano by Hans-Joachim Roedelius

This collaboration of Gantt and Story emphasizes the challenging of ideas of authorship, appropriation and composition, and blurs distinctions between composer and listener, slyly subverting assumptions.

Matt Gantt (c) Matthew Gantt
Matthew D. Gantt is artist, composer and educator based between Queens, NYC and Troy, NY. His practice focuses on sound in virtual spaces, generative systems facilitated by idiosyncratic technology, and digital production presets as sonic readymades.
Gantt releases music with Orange Milk and Oxtail Recordings, and has taught experimental composition at both institutional and DIY spaces, including NYC non-profit/public media studio Harvestworks, CUNY Brooklyn, Bard College, Sarah Lawrence, and a variety of community workshops aimed at creating equitable access to developing technologies. In Fall 2019, he joined the Electronic Arts PhD program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute/EMPAC, researching spatial sound in virtual reality and strategies for using experimental arts practices as a frame to refigure possibilities for immersive media futures

If you wish to visit the installation at ESS, please note:
  •  Visitors may schedule appointments for groups of up to 3 people via this doodle link for Opening Day Saturday, December 12. Appointments run from noon-5pm in 30 minute increments, with 15 minutes in between so any surfaces can be sanitized. 
  • For the duration of the sound installation exhibition, you may schedule appointments  via or by calling 773-998-1069.  Limited to 3 per group.
  • All arrangements depend on the latest State and City health and safety regulations.

    Hans-Joachim Roedelius (c) Hetty van Oijen
    Hans-Joachim Roedelius has profoundly influenced generations of musicians in a career spanning more than a half-century and over 100 solo and collaborative recordings. From his groundbreaking duo Cluster with Dieter Moebius, to his genre-crossing solo works and collaborations with luminaries including Brian Eno, Roedelius is recognized as one of Europe’s most important sound pioneers. Equally at ease with the most abstract of electronics and the most evanescent of piano solos, Roedelius has exerted an indelible, global impact on ambient, electronic, experimental, and wholly undefinable genres of music.

    Tim Story 2 (c) Ingo Pertramer
    Grammy-nominated American composer Tim Story has been called "a master of electronic chamber music" (CD Review, USA), and a "true artist in the electronic medium" (Victory review, USA). Through three decades of influential recordings and live performances, Story’s unique blend of careful composition and innovative sound design has garnered a dedicated worldwide following.