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Edition 2/2021

Newsletter for German Teachers

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Dear colleagues,
Can you imagine a better way to give back to your community than supporting fellow German teachers across the US? This summer, we are training the fourth cohort of Goethe-coaches. The training is free-of charge and will take place virtually. Applications are due by March 26th.  

Our new intercultural communication courses are the highlight of February. Learn strategies that will empower you to act professionally in intercultural settings. The course is offered in English and the German American Partnership Program (GAPP) is kindly offering scholarships.

As for your students, if you have been thinking about submitting projects to “Our sustainable future” contest, the good news is that you have a few more weeks to do so. The deadline has been extended to March 1st.

Finally, Step into German has a new website and we are inviting you to familiarize yourself with the platform. Also, if you have some time today, tune it at 3pm EST for the inauguration ceremony of new SPARK labs.

Herzlichen Gruß,

Ihre Bildungskooperation Deutsch (BKD) Abteilung


For your students

Step into German for Newsletter


Have you already seen it? We’ve revamped our website! Hang out and browse our repertoire of music clips, podcasts, worksheets, and more. To get you started we even have a brand-new music tip for you: “Stadtmensch” by Afrob. This song has really inspired us—it offers a fresh perspective of Berlin. Listen in and enjoy!

Study Bridge
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Virtual Open House 02/18, 2pm EST

Are your students interested in earning a STEM university degree, studying in Germany, and paying no college tuition?  Register online and join us for an information session with the Study Bridge Coordinator. Application deadline for the beginner program (A1 or A2 level of German): February 28th, 2021 

Our stustainable future
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Our sustainable future

The deadline for Our Sustainable Future has been extended to March 1, 2021! There is still time for your students to turn in a sustainability project or a green start-up concept. Together with your STEM or social studies colleagues, motivate your students to get active in the community. We only have one planet!


Valentine´s Day with the Kinderuni

Did you know that in ancient Greece, ivy leaves—an evergreen symbol of love that lasts forever—were the first heart symbols? In the middle ages, artists began painting heart shapes, the first Valentines in art. Learn how the heart symbol became the world’s love letter in our fun and completely free, online Kinderuniversity for kids ages 8 to 12…and learn some German words, too!

Impfen gegen Covid
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A Vaccine against Covid

Everyone nowadays is talking about the vaccine against Covid-19. What does it look like in your community? U-Häppchen are interactive PDFs and cover contemporary topics in the German speaking world combined with authentic, student-oriented tasks. For immediate download and use in your classroom. Published every month for German beginner students in Middle/High Schools (level A1-A2).