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GAPP Alumni

Get to know our GAPP Alumni and see how a short-term exchange in High School has changed their lives and influenced the paths they’ve taken. 

Katie Henly
Foto Katie HenleyKatie Henly currently works as the Program Coordinator for Germany at Intercultural Student Experiences, a Minnesota based non-profit, helping German language teachers across the country plan their exchange trips to Germany.

April Krempasky
Foto April KrempaskyApril participated in a GAPP exchange 27 years ago. This experience has had a huge influence on her professional career: April has become a German teacher and GAPP coordinator and in the last 18 years she has offered more than 400 students the possibility to travel to Germany and spend a unique time.

Ashley Gianni-Bradford
Foto Ashley Gianni Ashley participated in three GAPP exchanges: she travelled to Ettenheim in 2008, 2010 and 2012.  After interning at the GAPP Office at the Goethe-Institut New York last year, Ashley became a real GAPP expert. She is now studying in Jena, Germany.

Delores Rubin
Foto Delores Rubin
In 1984 Delores participated in her first GAPP-exchange. This enriching experience has paved the way for her for a successful career: Delores has worked at the Deutsche Bank in New York for 20 years now.

Cari Schmitz 
Foto Cari SchmitzCari Schmitz participated in a GAPP exchange in 2005. Now she is interning at a company in Einbeck in Germany, before starting with her PhD.

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