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Being an exchange student as well as hosting one, opens up a whole new world for our GAPP students. Students not only get to share their culture, but they will be able to immerse themselves completely in a foreign culture, becoming more independent and open in the process and forming friendships and connections that last a lifetime.

Once a school partnership has been established between a school in the US and a school in Germany, GAPP supports two kinds of exchanges: 

Group Exchanges (Short-Term)

Every active GAPP partnership establishes a mutual short-term group exchange: A group of students travels to Germany for at least 16 days, stays with host families and attends school for at least 10 school days.

Individual Exchanges (Long-Term)

Has the short-term exchange been established, individual students can spend either a semester or a full academic year at their partner school. (conditions apply)




GAPP does not charge a fee for any of its services connected to short-term exchanges nor does GAPP make any arrangements for the exchange. The entire implementation of the program is the responsibility of the school administrations.

If your school already has a German partner school and is planning on travelling to Germany in 2020, you will find all relevant information in the section “Group Exchanges”.