07/10/2018, "Deutsches und amerikanisches Schulleben kennenlernen"

For the first time in the history of the Steigerwald-Landschulheim Wiesentheid Gymnasium there was a school exchange that made ist way over the atlantic: to California!

07/05/2018, Sun Patriot Newspapers: "Adventure of a lifetime"

Students from Watertown-Mayer High School in Minneapolis went on an epic journey to Germany and returned with "hearts ande suitcases filled to the brim".

07/02/2018, Canton Citizen: "Milestone Achievement"

Elsa Nicolovius was presented with a certificate of appreciation for her engagement coordinating the GAPP exchange between Canton High School and Bocholt Gymnasium for 40 years. She has been recognized as the "human bridge between two cultures".

07/01/2018, FPGZ: "Der Mississippi zu Gast am Neckar"

Welcome to Stuttgart! There is a great program waiting for the American students from St. Loius!

06/29/2018, OVB online: "Erstmals sind zurzeit Austauschschüler aus den USA in Prien zu Gast. Zehn junge Leute aus der Chicago"

Since third grade the students from Chicago have been learning German, now it's their first time visiting Germany for the GAPP exchange. The mayor emphasizes how important these exchanges are: "Talking with each other and not about each other is of great importance."

06/28/2018, Meine Anzeigenzeitung: "Beginn einer neuen Tradition"

The GAPP topic this year is "History and the culture of memory in Thue US and Germany". A great program was waiting for the American students!

06/26/2018, Focus Online: "Amerikanische Austauschschüler zu Gast im Gaggenauer Rathaus"

"Hello Again" - this year the American exchange students visit Gaggenau, after their counterpart was in Colorado last fall. The mayor emphasizes: "A school exchange contributes to transcending historical, cultural and linguistical boundaries."

06/26/2018, Ra today: "Deutsches Brot als Mitbringsel"

American exchange students are guests in Gaggenau! Their conclusion: "Germany is a new and exciting world for us and it's great to get to know this different culture."

06/25/2018, Online Focus: "Frankenmuther Schüler zu Gast"

That has been a hard farewell after the theit time together in Gunzenhausen, Germany! The major was thankful for the exchange emphasizing that "those exchanges can and should reduce prejudices and foster mutual understanding, away from all the political discussions."

06/24/2018, Märkische Allgemeine: "Gymnasium hat Gäste aus San Diego"

The American guests from the partner school in California unfortunately arrived without their luggage. But that couldn't stop the excitement! Especially because the exchange took place during the World Cup.

06/20/2018, Online Focus: "Löningens Bürgermeister empfängt Austauschschüler aus Norfolk (USA)"

The partnership between the two schools has already lasted since 1973. A great program is waiting for the exchange students from the US: a warm welcome from the mayor, excursions to museums and a trip to Berlin!

06/19/2018, Der Westfälische Anzeiger: "Adler trifft Elefant: US-Teenager zu Besuch in Hamm"

For the students in Hamm it's an elephant, for the students from Tennessee it's an eagle: a mascot. For this GAPP exchange the students were officially welcomed by the mayor. 

06/15/2018, "Besuch aus Texas im Landkreis Erding - Woaßt wo's schee is?"

For the very first time students from the Permian High School in texas visit the Tassilo Realschule in Erdig, Germany: "International understanding that opens boarders and establishes friendships."

06/09/2018, Calw und Umgebung: "Besseres Verständnis und mehr Toleranz"

Nine students from Illionois are visiting their exchange partners in Germany, after the German students had already been in the U.S. in February. The direcor of the Herman-Hesse-Gymnasium hopes that due to increasing nationalist tendencies in Europe, exchange programs like GAPP can lead to a better understanding as well as more tolerance for each other.

06/07/2019, SR Mediathek: "aktueller bericht"

From Iowa to the Parliament of Saarland: Its president Toscani explains the political system of Germany to the GAPP students from the U.S. An exchange is especially about learning the language, but in times where German and American relationships are tensed, an exchange like this has another value: "It's very beneficial that every country interacts with another and we learn from the other culture. Having an open mind is knowing the people and knowing that we are all alike."

06/06/2018, "Howdy y’all! – USA-Austausch der Herzog-Tassilo-Realschule"

For many years English teachers from Herzog-Tassilo-Realschule have tried to build partnerships with U.S. High Schools and finally it worked! English teacher Mr. Hesse successfully participated in the GAPP training courses - and now, they welcomed visitors from Texas!

06/05/2018, Mitteldeutsche Zeitung: "Schüleraustausch USA-Gräfenhainichen: Das Abenteuer ihres Lebens"

14 young Americans have gone on their adventure to Dübener Heide in Germany. They will spend three weeks at the Gräfenhainichener Paul-Gerhardt-Gymnasium, attending classes and also going on a journey of discovery!

05/25/2018, The Dispatch and The Rock Island Argus: "Q-C students will travel to Germany"

Since 2004, the German department at Rock Island High School has partnered with the city of Rottenburg, Germany, in a German-American Partnership Program exchange. Every two years they participate in a school exchange.

05/04/2018, "Auf Schüleraustausch in Kalifornien"

10 students from Gymnasium Wiesentheid travelled to Arcata in California for their exchange at the Aracata High School. In June they are planning a reunion and the American counterpart will stay in Wiesentheid. The program is supported by the German and American Partnership Program (GAPP)!

05/04/2018, Allgemeine Zeitung Ingelheim: "Ingelheimer IGS organisiert Schüleraustausch nach Tennessee"

15 students from IGS Kurt Schumacher participated in its first school exchange at the Camp High School in Gallatin Tennessee. The exchange was organized by the students as part of a USA study group and supported by the German and American Partnership Program. The German students will especially remember the hospitality and the engangement of their hosts.

04/30/2018, Herald-Whig View: "Quincy-Herford bond enriches community"

Eleven German grammar school students are wrapping up a two-week visit to Quincy this month. The trip comes on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the formation of the Sister City Commission between Quincy and Herford, Germany. Unquestionably, one the most significant programs to emerge from that relationship is the student exchange between Quincy Notre Dame and Widukind-Gymnasium, a school in Enger, near Herford. The two schools were granted official school partner status in November 2010 by the German-American Partnership Program.

04/25/2018, Bocholter Borkener Volksblatt: "St. Georg Gymnasium feiert deutsch-amerikanische Freundschaft"

40 years ago Elsa Nicolovius started the exchange between St. Georg Gymnasium and the Canton High School. It is the longest exchange between a German and an American School taking place regularly. Now the 84 year-old will pass on her responsibility of organizing the exchange to her successor. She has been honored for her engagement. 

04/23/2018, News Graphic : "Getting to know you"

20 students from Germany visit Cedarburg High School in Wisconsin and build a partnership between schools in its first language exchange.  In summer 2019 the CHS students will spend three weeks in Germany and stay with their German counterparts. Until then, "we'll stay in touch through the summer and year."

04/16/2018, Mission County Record: "Third Time the charm for German exchange student in Swanvill"

Marta Schiemenz is a german student from Kiel, staying for one schoolyear at the Highschool in Swanville. After switching hostfamilies twice, she ended up staying with her new friend's family, the VanRisseghems. One thing she has enjoyed about attending Swanville High School is that it is completely different from what she is used to in Germany: "In Germany, it's all about education. But in America, there's actually some fun stuff to do, like sports". The VanRisseghems will deeply miss her. 

04/02/2018, Courier Express: "Visiting Germans celebrate Easter in Brockway"

The annual visit from Brockway Area Junior-Senior High School’s “sister school” in Germany came in a cold, rainy March, a little sooner than last year, but just in time to celebrate Easter. The German students get to fully experience an American Easter because, unlike traditional tourists, they stay with host families in Brockway. “If you go as a tourist, you don’t learn much about the culture,” explained German chaperone Eckhard Mielenhausen. “You can see landmarks and visit cities, but you learn about the culture by staying with families.”

03/29/2018, Press Republican: "Plattsburgh High students head to Germany for exchange"

18 GAPP students from Plattsburgh High School heading for four weeks to their partnerschool in Germany!

03/16/2018, Baxter Bulletin: "MH says 'willkommen' to German studens"

Mountain Home High School has temporarily gained 23 additional students from Regensburg, Germany. This marks the 24th time for Mountain Home to participate in GAPP. The german student Susi Sturzl says, that it always seems like you are in a movie: the buses, the food, just everything. Student Kagemeir explains, that food was the favorite part of his visit. Students from Germany and the US are getting along very well and taking part at many activities. The principal knows: "Kids are kids, whether it's here or in Europe." 

03/15/2018, "Realschüler sind dieser Tage in New York"

20 students from Haigerloch, Germany travelling to New York City, before heading to their host-families in Burlington, Washington. The students gained lots of impressions about the life in the Big Apple: they explored many attractions as Ground Zero and Times Square. But now the students are also looking forward to meeting with their exchange partners in Burlington. They will bring many lasting impressions back to Germany!

02/23/2018, The Intelligencer: "Exchange students visit EHS"

The 14 exchange students from Munich are greeted by 8th grade Strath Haven middle school students. The Munich-Wallingford partnership has been in existence for 5 years. One of the larger events of the exchange was a Super Bowl party. German teacher Antrim knows about the benefits for the German students visiting: they get to experience first-hand what they've learned, the have to use English while they are here, and also one result is long life friendship!

02/22/2018: "CGSOC students enjoy German Exchange"

The German Partnschool "Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr in Hamburg" is visiting "Command and General Staff College". The groups will take part at different military exercises, but also attend Super Bowl and discover Kansas City. Both sides ensured that the program was a huge success and a valuable experience.

02/16/2018, New Canaan Advertiser: "German exchange students talks New Canaan experience"

The 16 years old Constatin from Germany is visiting Canaan for 6 month. In the interview he speeks about language, difference between towns and cieties and his future plans.

02/06/2018, The Intelligencer: "German students attend City Council meeting"

A total of 15 German students were in attendance at Tuesday's City Council meeting. They are the first ever of a GAPP group.  While they're in Edwardsville they will see some of the sights in the Edwarsville area and the St. Louis, Metro East. Mayor Hal Patton welcomed the group.

02/02/2018, Wallingford-Swarthmore School District: "German Exchange Students visit Strath Haven Middle School"

The 14 exchange students from Munich are greeted by 8th grade Strath Haven middle school students. The Munich-Wallingford partnership has been in existence for 5 years.

01/31/2018, Boothbay Register: "BRHS students heading to Germany"

The trip has beend planned thanks to GAPP, the German American Partnership Program started by former BRHS teacher Frau Baade. The program is sponsored by the Goethe Institute, now in its 25th year of a partnership with Boothbay Harbor. The BRHS teachter Merril, who will be helping out in the English and German classes, has taught German at BRHS for four years. She went to Germany as an exchange sutdent. Thanks to a Rotary donation and bratwurst-sales by the students they could rais $500 for each student.

01/20/2018 Staats-Zeitung Nr.3: "The German exchange program in Old Bridge enriches high school cuuriculum with an unforgettable experience"

Five years ago, the Old Bridge High School created the exchange program with the Steinbart Gymnasium in Duisburg, Germany. Anahita Keller, Director of Arts and Culture at the Old Bridge Public School District says: "The program allows students to become immersed in the language, culture and life of the country they are studying. Students are getting an authentic feel for what life is like in Germany, rather tahn just seeing it from a textbook perspective." GAPP has become very popular with many students returning for the second and third time!