GAPP - Intercultural Communication Training

Group of GAPP teaachers at GAPP Introductory Workshop 2018 GAPP, Inc./Marc Paradise

Free Intercultural Communication Course for Teachers

Reflect on your own intercultural communication skills and get new tools and resources for your students!

We are very happy to offer a free online course on intercultural communication for teachers. This is made possible by the Campaign "Wunderbar Together" funded by the German Foreign Office, supported by the BDI and implemented by the Goethe-Institut.

Registration is open to all teachers who are interested in doing student exchanges as well as all active GAPP coordinators.

This course has been developed according to the strict quality standards of the Goethe-Institut and covers four modules: Perception, communication, cooperation, and action. Participants learn to reflect on their own intercultural communication skills as well as receive materials and resources to prepare their students for exchange situations.

It is designed with weekly assignments that can be done at your own pace (about 10-15 minutes a day if you divide it up).

We do require a deposit in the amount of $100. This deposit will be refunded upon your participation in all modules. Should you apply and not receive a spot due to high application volume, we will reimburse the deposit asap after the application deadline has passed.

Course language will be English.

Application deadline is October 1st 2018.


if you're fine with either time and date, please select both and we assign a time slot depending on availability

I confirm that I have noticed the dates for the two online live meetings and will attend. If you cannot, please send a brief email to

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Please pay the deposit after you send us the application form. Should your application not be successful due to high volumes of applications, we will reimburse your deposit right away. We will reimburse all other deposits once you have successfully completed the course.