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05/03/19, "Boiling Springs High students get a taste of German culture"

Boiling Springs High students get a taste of German culture" Some 20 students from Boiling Springs High School (SC), went to visit their German partner school Ergolding High School. The teachers as well as the students themselves say that this trip has made them more self-confident and has allowed them to discover Germany's culture first-hand. Students realized that stepping out of one’s comfort zone doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

04/25/2019 Metea Media: "German Students Experience the Customs of American Schools"

Students from Bammental High School in Germany went on a GAPP exchange to visit their American partner school, Metea Valley High School (IL), in Aurora. Twenty days of American daily (school) life enabled students to find out more about the relationship between American teachers and students and to develop more confidence in using the English language. Read more about the differences and similarities that the German students came across between American and German school life.

04/23/19, Connect FM: "German students come to Brockway for a month"

As part of a GAPP exchange, 15 student and their two teachers from the Groetefend Gymnasium (High School) in Hannoversch Muenden (Germany) visited Borckway High School (PA) for a month. This school partnership was established in 2011. The American students visit their German partners this summer. The German exchange students were particularly looking forward to discovering cultural differences between the U.S. and their own culture. Connect FM interviewed the German students Johanna, Max, Hannah and Marike as well as the American GAPP teacher Eric.

04/19/2019 Vermillion Plain Talk: "An Eye-Opening Experience"

As part of a GAPP exchange, 16 students and their two teachers from Dietrich Bonhoeffer High School in Ratingen (Germany) visited their American partner school, Vermillion High School, in South Dakota in April. During their two-week stay, the students not only experienced daily American school life, but they also had the chance to learn more about the past of their town's sister city and meet Vermillion's mayor. The teachers consider this exchange the best opportunity for their students to get first-hand experience with American culture and to compare it to their own. A cultural experience of a very special kind for the Germans was attending the VHS prom.

04/17/19, Republic-Times: "German Students Experience America"

Escorted by the Columbia Police Dept. and Columbia Fire Dept. The 25 exchange students from Gedern High School in Germany arrived at their GAPP partner school, Columbia High School, in Columbia at the end of March this year. This year marks the schools' 26th anniversary of their partnership. Through the years they have visited each other every other year, with the Germans visting in odd-numbered years and the Americans in even-numbered years. Read more about how different students describe the highlights of their trip to the U.S.

04/17/19, The Lilitz Record Express: "Warwick approves proposed final budget; extends teacher’s contract"

 Besides important budget decisions, superintendent  April Hershey announced that this year, Warwick School District will be celebrating 30 years of GAPP Exchange with the König-Karlmann Gymnasium in Altöttig. Read more to find out about the special 30th anniversary gifts from their German partners.

04/12/2019, The Times Post: "Pendleton Heights top 10 percent, Week 2"

Pendleton Heights High School ranks the top 35 students of this year's class. Among those 10 percent there are two former GAPP participants ranked 25 and 27 of the Class of 2019. Read more about their results and future plans after graduation.

03/06/19, Lilitz Record Express: "Event will mark 30th anniversary of Warwick's German exchange program"

1989 was not only a year of great importance for Germany with the  borders between East and West Germany being opened, but also for the communities of Warwick (PA) and Altöttingen. 1989 marked the beginning of the GAPP exchange between Warwick School District and König-Karlmann High School in Altöttingen. The 30th anniversary of the partnership was celebrated with Warwick hosting a special event for past and future GAPP participants during the visit of the German exchange partners.

02/23/19 Butler Eagle: “Knoch senior studies abroad“

Knoch Senior High School, PA, and Gustav-von-Schloer-Schule in Weiden (Upper Palatinate), Germany, have been participants of the German American Partnership Program since 2008, and organized several group exchanges to visit each other. Now, a Knoch senior student decided to take the plunge to leave the U.S. for the first time in her life in order to study at her High School’s GAPP partner school in Weiden. Looking back, she considers living with her host family for nearly 5 ½ months and attending school in Germany an invaluable experience and definitely the best way to fully immerse oneself in the German way of life.

09/06/2018, Rutland Herald: "RHS hosts German exchange students, teachers"

The RHS has already hosted different student exchanges but now for the first time togehter with a german partner High School. On both sides the teachers in charge agree: The exchange is a live-changing experience for their students. This impression is reinforced by the statements of the students.

08/18/2018, Las Cruces Sun News: "Friendships formed through youth exchange program"

The cities of  Las Cruces and Nienburg will be celebrating 25 years of sisterhood this year. But due to the German American Partnership Program the relationship already lasts  for 31  years now. Therefore the exchange is by now entering its second generation,  which is pretty exciting for everyone.

09/20/2018, WQOW TV News 18: "20 German students learning at North High School"

Twenty german students and their two teachers are currently staying at Eau Claire North High School due to a GAPP exchange. The german students are really enjoying their time especially the various sports offers.

09/20/2018, Vermillion Plaintalk: "Don't Miss Oktoberfest Next Weekend In Vermillion"

It's time for Vermillions annually  Oktoberfest! This isn't just a great celebration for the whole community but also a important activity for the VHS German Club whose students are taking part in the German American Partnership Program. This Year they will also be celebrating the "Year of German-American-Friendship" (Deutschlandjahr USA).

09/25/2018 The Chattanoogan: "SMMHS German Exchange Students Arrive In Chattanooga Sunday"

On the 2nd of October the Signal Mountain Middle High School, Chattanooga,  and  the Beisenkamp Gymnasium from Hamm in Germany will start another one of their GAPP-exchanges. For the first time the german principal will be visiting as well. Three of her four children took part in a GAPP-exchange already. The german guests will stay until October 25th and a lot of exciting activities in the area are planned for them.

10/03/2018, The Litiz Record Express: "30 Warwick exchange students travel to Germany"

30 years of exchange at Warwick High School! Therefore it was just suitable for this summers exchange to travel with a total of 30 students. German teacher Wendy Andrews is enthusiastic : “The primary purpose of the partnership is to promote international friendship between Germany and America."

10/02/2018, Herald & Review: "Art of language: German, Sangamon Valley students learn through exchange program"

Since 12 years the Sangamon Valley High School takes part in  GAPP-exchanges with Germany. Right now a group of 22 German students is staying at Niantic. German and Spanish Teacher Joe Scarnavino, who is organizing the exchange, is proud that his small school is able to offer this opportunity, as he was sure from the very beginning, that the German skills of his students would improve dramatically if they would get to talk and live with German native speakers during the exchange.

10/04/2018, Der Tagesspiegel: „Deutschlandjahr USA“ 2019 Free spirit und free markets

On the3rd of October the "Deutschlandjahr USA" was kicked off in Washington. The Goethe-Institut is responsible for the  project management. President Klaus-Dieter Lehmann says: "The transatlantic relations are a central topic in my life." In this context projects like TOP and GAPP ought to be improved, as they enable young people to take part in the transatlantic-cultural exchange.

10/7/2018, Herald and News: "Celebrating German culture: Mazama High School offers only German language program in the region"

Mazama High School is the only school in the Klamath Baisin, and one of few in Oregon in general, that is offering a German language program. Last week this fact was celebrated at the anual Oktoberfest celebration by 100 language students and their teacher Kathleen Todd. “The kids really get into it,” Todd said. “It is so important to learn about a different culture so we are not so ethnocentric. When you study a foreign language, it’s important to learn the history of the people who speak it.!"

10/1/2018, The Kirkwood Call: "Bridging the GAPP"

"You create friendships, and it doesn’t matter where you come from because we’re the same. That’s the most important thing I’ve learned.",  that's how Helin Derin from Germany, who is currently taking part in a exchange with the Kirkwood High School in Missouri, describes her GAPP-experience.

10/11/2018, Laredo Morning Times: "German, JHS students bridge cultural GAPP"

4,484-miles away from home a group of 18 students from Uelzen in Germany is spending most of October at the Jacksonville High School, Illinois, due to an GAPP-exchange. Besides the improvement of his students language skills the English teacher from Uelzen, Daniel Mettjes, is hoping that his students can broaden their horizons and will be able to learn that both countries have pros and cons.

10/12/2018, C&G Newspapers: "German Exchange Program forms friendships at Walled Lake Northern"

The Walled Lake Northern High School has been taking part in the German American Partnership Program for 14 years now. Since then the interest in the exchange has more than doubled. German Teacher Kaye Lynn Mazurek from the WLNHS expresses that the exchange is a integral part of the school as it allwos the class room learning to come alive.

10/15/2018, Dalton Public School News: "Dalton High School Hosts German Friends for Exchange Experience"

Just one visit can change a lot! When DHS German teacher Ava Wyatt visited the town of Elbingerode, Germany, in 1996 and contacted Gymnasium Hochharz, she probably never imagined what an impact her actions would have. Though the partner school has changed to the Gerhart Hauptman Gymnasium, DHS can already look back on a 22 year long history of German exchanges.

10/16/2018, Ostthüringer Zeitung: "Zeulenroda-Triebes students in the U.S."

Eight students of the Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium from Zeulenroda-Triebes set off to Mineral Wells in Texas during the last three weeks to disover the "american way of life". They experienced that a lot of  clichés really apply but also faced some surprises.

10/18/18, Williston Herald: "Exchange program forges a link across oceans"

For 31 years now, every fall the town of Williston welcomes a group of students and chaperones from Germany. The students themselves describe their stay as amazing, as they were able to learn a lot about american culture and explored some interesting places, for example the Yellowstone National Park.

10/18/18, Lokalkompass: "Spirit of time of the town twinning between Wesel and Hagerstown/USA"

Already in the 1950ies the student exchange between the two communities of Wesel (Germany) and Hagerstown (U.S.) started. This year, due to the prize money of the Steuben-Schurz-Society, which values the ongoing commitment of both communities in terms of transatlantic relation, the students were able to devolop a bilingual brochure as well as a cinematic documentation during a summer workshop.

10/23/18, The Pueblo Chieftain: "German students get an inside look at American way of life, Pueblo-style"

For the past decade the Centennial High School in Pueblo and the Remstalgymnasium in Weinstadt have been part of the German American Partnership Program. Over the years the american hosts gained some insight on what the german visitors are really fascinated about. Homecoming, Walmart, a learner's permit to drive and Oreo cookies are only some of them.

10/26/18, Las Cruces Sun News: "Students from Nienburg Germany visit Las Cruces as part of sister cities exchange"

The GAPP-exchange between Las Cruces and Nienburg has already been around for 31 years now. It lead to the establishment of a city-partnership between the two communities, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. 18 students from Germany were hosted in Las Cruces during the last month and now the american students are looking forward to visit their German friends in May 2019.

10/30/18, "NBTHS students willkommen German counterparts"

15 students from the Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium in Pforzheim, Germany, are currently visiting North Brunswick Township High School due to a GAPP-exchange. During the stay they are discovering a lot of differences between the countries. One of the most surprising things for them is that water is free in U.S. restaurants.

11/2/18, Montana Standard: "Exchange program creates lasting connections between Butte and Germany"

When Sydney Miller started to take german classes in high school she could never have imagined what an impact this decision would have on her life. Now eleven years later she is married to her former german exchange partner and is living in Germany with him and their two sons. This is just one of the many stories that started with Buttes High School passionate German teacher Wendy Schoonen, who is organizing a GAPP-exchange to the partner city of Altensteig in the Black Forest every year.

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