Ashley Gianni-Bradford

Alumni GAPP

Interview with Ashley Gianni-Bradford

Ashley, what kind of influence did the GAPP exchange have on your professional and private life?

Foto Ashley Gianni Foto: Goethe-Institut "Participating in GAPP had a very large impact on my life. After I went on my first exchange with GAPP, I decided that I wanted to pursue German as a major and then went to college for German and Anthropology. I am now currently doing a study abroad in Jena, Germany through my college and have been here for 7 out of 10 months. My goal after college is to be a translator." 

With which arguments would you encourage young people to participate in a GAPP exchange?

"I would encourage young people to participate in GAPP because they'll be able to make a lot of friends, learn about and experience a new culture, learn and practice their English/German, will get to travel, will get to experience the chance of a lifetime, and will have memories that they'll never forget."