Delores Rubin

Alumni GAPP

Interview with Delores Rubin

Delores, what kind of influence did the GAPP exchange have on your professional and private life?

Foto Delores Rubin Foto: Goethe-Institut "The GAPP exchange opened my eyes to an entirely different culture and because of that I see the world differently than I did before that exchange.  I currently work at Deutsche Bank in New York and I have been with Deutsche Bank for 20 years.  I believe my exposure to German culture made my move to Deutsche Bank 20 years ago very natural and is clearly still a good fit.

I am still connected with my exchange partners 30 years later.  Our families have remained close and we all value the our time together then and now. I still speak German and although it is not perfect, I am comfortable conversing with Germans auf Deutsche without any problems.  Being part of the GAPP exchange gave me the confidence to speak German and I know my language skill would not be where it is today if I had not taken part in the GAPP program.  I can certainly say my life has been enriched by my experience as a GAPP exchange student."

With which arguments would you encourage young people to participate in a GAPP exchange?

"If anyone is trying to learn a language, there is no better way to learn that to live with native speakers.  The learning does not end with language.  Despite the world becoming flat, different cultures do not view the world the same.  Having an opportunity to live and go to school in other country opens the window to broader thinking.  Having a broader world view is valuable in life. GAPP is that window."


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    Delores with the group at Brooklyn Bridge
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    A newspaper article about Delores' exchange