German for Hire

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German for Hire

If you cannot go to Germany, let Germany come to you

Photo: Goethe-Institut/Sonja Tobias Photo: Goethe-Institut/Sonja Tobias

For German Teachers

You want to offer your students a special treat? Invite Germany’s “Young Ambassadors” into your classroom.

Photo: Liesa Johannsen Photo: Liesa Johannsen

For Germany's Young Ambassadors

What does America think about Germany? Find out for yourself when you start an intercultural dialogue with American high school students. 

About the Project

‘German for Hire’ gives middle and high school teachers the opportunity to invite German university students into their classrooms to give youth-oriented presentations on different topics in modern German life and culture. These ambassadors will provide an authentic and interactive classroom session in German language, history or social studies classes. Students will be able to discuss current events and experience German history first hand through a personal encounter. They can connect with their German guests through their shared excitement for films, music, and sports. Any school in the United States is eligible to participate - all you need to do is contact us and we will try to match you up with an ambassador near you.

d.a.i. - Rent an American

Mr. Rouven Bueker - a 'German for hire' from the Goethe-Institut in NYC visited our classrooms on 12/14/16. He talked to the students about a topic connected to what we currently covered in class (school in German I and going shopping in German II) and also about German Holiday traditions! The students loved having a 'true' German in class! They were able to apply what they had learned in class - both their language and knowledge of culture - and they just loved Rouven's presentation about Christmas in Germany! We loved the program and hope to have another 'German for hire' in the classroom soon!!
Brita Schmitz, German teacher
Old Bridge High School, Old Bridge, NJ

The Goethe-Institut of New York recently sent Claire Roder, one of their interns, to my school in South Jersey as part of their "German for Hire" program, and I believe it was an incredible experience for all involved.  I was able to talk with Claire beforehand and together tailor a program to meet the needs of my students, and Claire spent the whole day with us during which she delivered a powerpoint presentation about her life in Germany, and patiently answered questions from all 110 of my students.  All of my students got the experience of speaking and listening to a native speaker, and learned a little bit more about German culture as well.  Claire was an intelligent, well spoken, polite young woman, and I would recommend her and this program to any other German teachers in the area.
Scott H. Partenheimer, German Teacher
Haddon Township High School, NJ

Für mich war das „German for Hire“ – Programm eine unvergessliche Erfahrung. Ich stand an einem Tag vor sechs verschiedenen Klassen, habe über das Leben in Deutschland berichtet, Fragen beantwortet und mich mit den Schülern unterhalten, welche allesamt sehr interessiert und motiviert waren. Ich denke, ich hätte es zu meinen Schulzeiten auch wahnsinnig spannend gefunden, wenn jemand aus Amerika in den Englischunterricht gekommen und über sein Leben berichtet hätte. Gleichzeitig hatte ich die Möglichkeit, das System der amerikanischen High Schools kennenzulernen. Meiner Ansicht nach profitieren von dem Programm alle Beteiligten und es sollten noch viel mehr Schulen davon erfahren.
Claire Roder, German for Hire Ambassador
Haddon Township High School, NJ

The students thoroughly enjoyed my presentation about migration in Germany. Afterwards they had a great time making Döner Kebabs, Germany’s favorite fast food.
Denise Reck, German for Hire Ambassador
Gunn High School, Palo Alto, CA

The language of instruction was English, because there is no German program at the school.  It was really interesting to listen to students questions: “What kind of make up do Germans use?”  “Do you eat with forks and knives?” The presentation was well received, but students seemed to particularly enjoy the Q and A session and the German for Hire buttons were a big hit. A wonderful, interesting and exciting day!

Isabel Wollfarth, German for Hire Ambassador
San Lorenzo High School, CA

The students had fun and had to speak a lot of German. German for Hire is an ideal opportunity to make German more attractive, a great  program! 
Verena Hehl, German for Hire Ambassador
Los Gatos High School, CA