German for Hire
German Teachers

Photo: Goethe-Institut/Sonja Tobias Photo: Goethe-Institut/Sonja Tobias

Germany visits American classrooms

​Are you a teacher in the USA? Are you ready for a little break from the daily routine? Would you like to offer your students a special treat? Open your school doors to our “young ambassadors” from Germany!

Students from Germany who are currently enrolled at a university in the USA can’t wait to meet you and your students. Our ambassadors will give your students the chance to try out their German on some “real” Germans. Your students will get to discuss current events and experience German history first hand. They can connect with their German guests on their shared excitement for films, music, and sports.

Your students can learn through personal encounters. You can make your textbooks come alive. All you need to do is to contact the Goethe-Institut serving your state!

We carefully choose and prepare the ambassadors to make sure they’ll be able to relate to your students. We’ll provide you with the ambassadors’ profiles so you know what their hobbies and interests are. You let us know when a visit fits into your schedule – we’ll make sure an ambassador will be available at that time. Don’t hesitate to embark on this cross-cultural adventure. We’re looking forward to arranging the first visit to your school.



At this point in time, any teacher at an elementary, middle or high school in the USA can participate in the program. The only requirement is that you and your students would love to find out more about modern-day Germany.  
Every ambassador provides us with his/her profile where they list their hobbies and interests as well as the topics they would like to discuss with your students. So if your students want to talk about the German music scene we’ll find you an ambassador who’s interested in German pop, rock and hip hop.  
Very little! You fill out the registration form and we find you an ambassador whose schedule and interests match yours. We’ll provide you with the ambassador’s contact info so you can talk to him/her directly about the details of the visit. And that’s it! We’ll also ask you to send us some feedback on the visit because we’re constantly trying to improve the program.   
None! The ambassadors are volunteers and don’t expect any pay. We’ll reimburse them for their travel expenses and also make sure they bring some “goodies” for your students when they come visit.  
Our ambassadors are not certified teachers, but they’ll come to your school prepared for their presentation and will appreciate it, if you also prepare the visit with your students. Go with your students over questions they may want to ask and help facilitate the discussion during the visit. 
Please fill out the registration form for teachers below and send it to the Goethe-Institut serving your state.