Green Academy

Green Academy - A  new digital offer for your German class © Goethe-Institut

Online lectures for students

The Green Academy offers exciting scientific experiments and philosophical discussions

"Let’s Put the World Back in Children’s Hands"

This fall, the Green Academy is hitching a ride on the digital 3D-platform called the Digital WanderbUS to travel all across the USA!

Your kids (ages 8 to 14) can come along, too, engaging in German with fun interactive lectures within these areas: scientific experiments, philosophy and sustainability!

The first lecture on 29 October at 12:30 PM EDT will be presented by the beloved TV personality Christoph Biemann (from “Die Sendung mit der Maus/The Show with the Mouse”) with a promising headline: „A Great Greek Discovery“. Among other scientific explorations, Biemann will demonstrate how to generate electrical charges with a balloon and scraps of paper. Children can do these fun hands-on experiments at home!

In November, Ana Laura Edelhoff will prompt children to discuss fundamental aspects of philosophy that are relevant in our daily lives (ages 11 to 14 years). The discussions will include fascinating aspects of philosophy, from questions about social justice to emotional truths. From a language standpoint, this session will be on a slightly higher level and participants will be encouraged to think for themselves and practice expressing their thoughts in German. The event will also take place in the Digital Wanderbus.

Each lecture is 45 minutes long.
The Goethe-Institut will provide materials for follow-up online courses after event conclusion.
(Text: Angelika Rockel)

The events will take place online; registration is required to receive Zoom access information.


Please note that this event takes place ONLINE on October 29 at 12:30 PM EDT on Zoom. Registration is required—please use the link to register.

About the Green Academy

Interesting experiments encourage students to consider different phenomena in the natural sciences. Through observation, discussion and participation, students gain new insight into these topics and learn German with all their senses.

Many exciting philosophical questions will be addressed to get students actively thinking and speaking as well as learning and practicing German.

Students focus on relevant aspects of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030 of the United Nations.
October 29th: "A Great Greek Discovery", Science experiment with Christoph Biemann, "Sendung mit der Maus"

November: "Human Rights", Philosophy lecture with Dr. Ana Laura Edelhoff, Lecturer in Oxford and Konstanz

December: "Air is not nothing", Science experiment with Christoph Biemann, "Sendung mit der Maus"
The content of the online lectures is particularly suited for A1 through A2 German learners and for students ages 8 to 14.


Sneak Peak Videos

Below you will find the lectures that took place in the Spring Semester 2020. Feel free to take a look!

"What is Just?"- Imagine a (very, very tasty!) chocolate cake. Dividing it in a fair way is not so easy. There are several possibilities: Does everyone get exactly the same amount? Or does the one who has worked the hardest get the most? Or should, maybe, the person who is the most hungry be allowed to eat the biggest piece? We will look at different suggestions and consider together what is just. 

Dr. Ana Laura Edelhoff is a philosopher at Oxford University. She is concerned with making philosophy accessible to children. She has given lectures for children in Hamburg, Oxford, Washington and Boston, especially in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut. Her lectures for children on the topic of justice have been attended by up to 1200 children and have been discussed in the children's magazine Dein Spiegel as well as on the radio channel NDR. For more information about her work see:
"Science is Fun (German, too)!" - Why do astronauts wear diapers? Does a cup have a memory? Jo Hecker will deal with these interesting questions among others in his engaging lecture. Jo Hecker has presented his exciting experiments in 15 countries, which prove to be fun for the entire family!

Jo Hecker is an engineer and works as a scientific journalist. His books with experiments have been translated into ten languages. He has taken his science shows all over the world, from Thailand to Alaska. His motto is, “I don’t like science. I love science!” Learn more on his website