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Your students deserve the world - start with Germany! GAPP - The German American Partnership Program.Foto: GAPP / B. Ludewig

German American Partnership Program (GAPP) - School Exchanges

GAPP supports teachers and schools in arranging successful bilateral school exchanges for their students. We offer workshops and resources, provide assistance throughout exchanges, and award travel grants and individual scholarships to teachers, exchange groups and individual students.

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Why a GAPP Exchange?

No matter what subject you teach – from STEM to social studies or history – you work hard to give your students the best education possible. A German school exchange with GAPP offers your students an invaluable opportunity to step out of the everyday, develop a global perspective, and build skills that can only be learned through travel. Our Progam is educational and immersive. We invite all schools, with or without a German language program, to take part in our enriching GAPP exchange.

GAPP schools and coordinators

  • stand out as a global institution among other schools in their district
  • build long-term, trusting relationships with German partner schools
  • join a program that is teacher-led and meets individual demands
  • join a program that offers teachers professional development opportunities

GAPP at a Glance

  • 14+ exchange days
  • 10 days with a host family, 5 days in school
  • scholarships and grants are available
  • application process is easy and efficient

GAPP students

  • develop global awareness
  • build confidence and independence
  • make lifelong friendships
  • improve their language skills

Short-Term Group Exchange

Your students will experience German culture firsthand, make international friendships, boost their German language skills, and build confidence and independence. They will enhance their career opportunities in engineering, business, science and more.

Start your GAPP exchange

Learn more about GAPP and apply today for grants and scholarships.

Renew grant application

GAPP is rooted in long-term partnerships between partner schools. We assist schools in building transatlantic relationships that go beyond one student exchange. We would like to thank you for your constant dedication and support to coordinate your GAPP exchange at your school and in your community. Please find below all the information you need to continue with your successful GAPP exchange.

Long-Term Individual Exchange

GAPP, Inc. is designated by the U.S. Department of State as an authorized visa sponsor organization of the “Exchange Visitor Program”. The long-term individual exchange is only available to

  • GAPP students who have previously partaken in a short-term group exchange
  • teachers working for one of the five officials German Schools abroad in the U.S.
  • German Language Advisors (Berater für den Deutschunttericht) as determined by the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad (Zfa)

Long-term individual exchange

About GAPP

Since 1972 the German American Partnership Program (GAPP) facilitates enriching cultural exchanges between schools in the U.S. and Germany. Our Program inspires intercultural understanding, promotes German language instruction, and fosters new and lasting friendships in the U.S. and Germany. 


Our dedicated team ensures that you succeed in your student exchange. By supporting you in implementing student exchanges, we seek to deepen relations between Germany and the U.S.


The German American Partnership Program (GAPP) is part of Germany’s foreign cultural and education policy.

Workshops & Training

Ready, Set, Deutsch

We are committed to helping teachers and schools throughout the exchange process. GAPP offers training and workshops on coordinating successful exchanges, as well as free teaching resources, and professional development opportunities. 

News and Impact

Learn more about what impact GAPP has had on participating exchange students, schools and local communities and the partner countries Germany and the U.S.

Our Partners

German American Partnership Program is administered by the Goethe-Institut and funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and the U.S. Department of State. GAPP is also supported by the WunderbarTogether Campaign.
In Germany, GAPP is administered by our partner, the Pädagogischer Austauschdienst (PAD).

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Support our GAPP Scholarship Fund

GAPP facilitates enriching cultural exchanges between schools in the U.S. and Germany. Our program inspires intercultural understanding, promotes German language instruction, and fosters new and lasting friendships. Please support our GAPP Scholarship Fund with a donation, which allows students from financially struggling families to take part in their school's GAPP exchange. 

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