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GAVE Online exchange materials © Goethe-Institut / Sonja Tobias

German-American Virtual Exchange (GAVE)

GAVE (German American Virtual Exchange) includes lesson plans, worksheets and activities that allow students from German and American secondary schools to learn about each other’s language and culture, whether you are conducting classes in person or virtually.

Getting started

  • GAVE step 1
  • GAVE step 2
  • GAVE step 3
  • GAVE step 4
  • GAVE step 5
  • GAVE step 6

virtual teaching tools

For more information about becoming a pilot school for GAVE or for assistance in finding a partner school in Germany, contact GAPP@goethe.de.

Getting-to-know-you phase

Exchange during COVID-19

Evaluation and reflection

GAPP would like to thank Christiane Bolte-Costabiei and Stefan Häring for developing materials for the GAVE project.


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