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The Kinderuni

The German Digital Kinderuniversity ("Kinderuni") is a free educational project run by the Goethe-Institut for children aged 8 to 12 years old. Children enroll digitally at the Kinderuni to explore different scientific areas in three faculties – Humankind, Nature and Technology – and at the same time learn German in a fun and playful way.

The official launch of the German Digital Kinderuniversity in the USA is scheduled to take place at the SUSTAINABILITY SUMMIT in Chicago on May 24-26 as part of the #WunderbarTogether campaign. 

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Further information about the Kinderuni can be found on the page "About the Kinderuni" page.

At Home


    Every child can enroll into and study at the Kinderuni from the comfort of their home. All 30 lectures are accessible at any time and free of charge on our digital learning platform: ​ 


    Parents can set up a parent account to follow children’s progress in the Kinderuni and see what "career stages" (e.g. Bachelor, Master, Doctor) have already been achieved.
    Further information about the Kinderuni can be found on the "About the Kinderuni" page.

In School

Kinderuni im Unterricht

    The Kinderuni can be used in the classroom in different contexts and areas of application. We have developed didactic materials for German teachers to accompany each Kinderuni lecture.

  • CLIL

    Foreign language + subject matter teaching = CLIL (Content and language integrated learning), one of the leading methods of modern foreign-language instruction. Individual lectures will be integrable into the CLIL instruction method as supplemental material. 


    Once the Kinderuni is up and running in May 2019, teachers can set up a teacher account which enables the ability to track students' progress. The teacher account also provides access to learning scenarios for interactive German lessons with instructions and worksheets that are free to download.

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