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Kinderuni Curiosity Contest - HERE ARE THE WINNERS!

What we were looking for

We were on the look-out for young researchers with exciting and fun questions on their minds. There is so much to explore! Until April 20, 2019, any student in the US could submit an entry to the Kinderuni Curiosity Contest. 

For this, students formed small groups of two or three people and kept their eyes open to identify anything in their surroundings and daily life that caught their curiosity. Which questions popped into their minds? And what specifically did they want to find out?

The questions were written down and recorded in a short video. The question could be asked in English or in German (or both). Both the written and video question were submitted to us via email.

The most creative questions will be featured here and answered by German scientists so everyone can learn from these creative and interesting questions. 

Questions? Send us an email at


Each participant in the groups that win GOLD, SILVER AND BRONZE receive an exciting Kinderuni swag bag and a certificate!


The first three winner groups win a “Kinderuni im Koffer” suitcase for each of their schools. It contains lots of things to make the Digital Kinderuniversity even more fun in the classroom!


The GOLD winning group’s teacher wins a full scholarship for a professional development or language course in Germany in 2020!

who ARE the lucky winners?

Many young researchers responded to our "quest for the best" by submitting exciting videos about their most burning questions. Some of these will be answered directly in the new  Digital Kinderuniversity! 

After a careful reviewing process we have determined the three winning questions. You can watch the videos and discover their questions directly here on the site. Enjoy!


Winning submission 

QUESTION: "Warum sind Ameisen so klein und so stark?" Mikey, Rylee und Jace

Curiosity Contest - Winner 1
© Goethe-Institut

TEACHER: Ms. Birte Wachtel
SCHOOL: Deerfield Elementary School, Lexington, SC

ANSWER: To answer Mikey, Rylee und Jace's question about the strength of ants, we got a little help from the WDR:

Find out in the Kinderuni how ants can fall from any height without getting hurt! Don't have an account yet? Sign up for free at


QUESTION: "Wenn wir älter werden, wachsen unsere Augen? Wie?" Sarah Kingsbury-Evans

Winner 2
© Goethe-Institut

TEACHER: Ms. Cindi Hodgdon
SCHOOL: Conval High School, Peterborough, NH

ANSWER: Sarah's question is answered in this fantastic article by "Die ​Zeit":

Interested in learning how blind people read and write? How seeing eye dogs are trained to learn their guiding skills? If you haven't enrolled in the Kinderuni yet, sign up for free at 

third place

QUESTION: "Wie groß ist Raum?" Grace Christensen

Winner 3
© Goethe-Institut

TEACHER: Ms. Cindi Hodgdon
SCHOOL: Conval High School, Peterborough, NH

ANSWER: Grace's question was explored by the WissensMagazin in this video:

Not quite the scale of measuring space, but do you want to learn how to measure the width of a river? Find out in the Kinderuni!


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Language Program Officer
Goethe-Institut Washington

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