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Key tracks of the sustainability summit© Goethe-Institut

Sustainability Summit 2019

When: May 24-26, 2019
Where: Chicago, Loyola-University

How can we move around without CO2?
What will it take to power our lives, live our power, eat well and restore the Earth at the same time?
What will we need to thrive as we make the shift toward a sustainable future?

These and similar questions await you at the three-day Sustainability Summit in Chicago. Learn more from experts about systems, anticipatory and creative thinking. About commons, the importance of diversity, multiple perspectives and about links with STEM and German. Be part of it and develop creative solutions for a sustainable future: Work.Learn.Share.Change.

We have reached our maximum number of attendees and can no longer accept applications.

What to Expect

Zukunftswerstätten © Goethe-Institut/Flaticon


What is TODAY and what will it look like TOMORROW? In future workshops, teachers and students jointly envision their preferred future, analyze facts and develop scenarios and chart sustainable paths for the future.  WORK.Learn.Share.Change.

Podiumsdikussionen © Goethe-Institut/Flaticon


Why isn’t everyone driving an electric vehicle? Why is climate change not the number one priority? What can schools and communities do about it? Participants will discuss the challenges and opportunities with experts, put forward theses for the future and explore cast studies of the places already engaged in changemaking: Work.Learn.SHARE.Change

Experimentalworkshops © Goethe-Institut/Flaticon


How so, what for, how come..? Fascinating experiments await you in this workshop with practical experiments and sustainable effects: Work.LEARN.Share.Change.


Fortbildungen und Best Practice © Goethe-Institut/Flaticon


Experts in Education for Sustainability will present best-practice examples and co-develop with participants exemplary, transformative and "sustainablized" learning experiences. This involves the methodological-didactical implementation of sustainability in their curriculum: Work.Learn.Share.CHANGE.


Sustainability Summit FAQ © Goethe-Institut/Flaticon What are the goals of the summit? How do I register? These and other important questions are answered in the FAQ.



Jaimie is the founder and president of the Cloud Institute, NY. She is a thought leader in the field of Education for Sustainability. She designs and facilitates professional development programs and directs the collaborative development of numerous instructional units and courses for K-12 and Higher Education designed to teach and learn across disciplines through the lens of sustainability.

Jamie Cloud © Jamie Cloud Keynote speaker: Jamie Cloud

Jaimie P. Cloud is the founder and president of the Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education in New York City.  The Cloud Institute is dedicated to the vital role of education in creating awareness, fostering commitment, and guiding actions toward a healthy, secure and sustainable future. Ms. Cloud has written several book chapters and articles, teaches extensively, and writes and facilitates the collaborative development of numerous instructional units and programs that are designed to teach across disciplines through the lens of sustainability. In addition she serves as an advisor, board or committee member to several organizations with related goals and interests.

Complete Program

More Highlights

Mit Deutsch weißt du mehr! © Goethe-Institut / Kids Interactive

Digital Kinderuniversity

This completely free, entirely online-based program allows students to learn German while watching fun videos about science experiments. Enjoy!

Berlin Step Into German

Award of Excellence

The Award of Excellence is an annual contest dating back to 1991. Every year a short video portrays some aspect of German life and students complete a quiz on the video. A fantastic prize awaits our lucky winners: An all-expenses paid, three-week chaperoned trip to Germany including flight, a German language course, meals and accommodations. 

Erfinderland © Goethe-Institut

“Erfinderland” - land of inventors Germany exhibit to tour the US!

Cars, computers, aspirin: Do you know about the many things you use in your daily life that were invented in Germany? Starting in October you will have the chance to learn more about all of these at the “land of inventors Germany”, a hands on exhibit travelling across the US. Things kick off in New York at the local Goethe-Institut. More info and complete tour schedule can be found here.

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