10 Years of PASCH

Pasch Videostill © Goethe-Institut

10 Years PASCH
PASCH Triathlon and a concert

Jennifer Tsai shares the unforgettable experiences that her students had during the PASCH triathlon and at a concert of the "Lochis".

Deborah Lund © Goethe-Institut

10 Years PASCH
German through Theater

Deborah Lund gives insight into the special "German through Theater" program that her students were part of.

Maggie Wachtl © Goethe-Institut

10 Years PASCH
Bridges and Networking

Maggie Wachtl, Robert Hoyle, and Josef Neumayer speak about the fruitful results of networking and learning about different approaches through PASCH.

Joan Campbell © Goethe-Institut

10 Years PASCH
International friendships

Joan Campbell talks about a special PASCH friendship between two students from Guatemala and the U.S.A.

Hal Boland © Goethe-Institut

Exchange at the PASCH Camp

Hal Boland presents how much he, his colleagues and his students benefitted from meeting students from all over the US at the PASCH Camp in Colorado.

Jason Pit © Goethe-Institut

Debating with PASCH

Jason Pitt tells us about how the success of his students at the PASCH Debate Competition lead to a visit to the German Embassy in Washington, D.C.