What is the Studienbrücke?

Studienbrücke Deutschland © Getty Images/photo: Frank Lukasseck

The Study Bridge program provides linguistic and subject-matter-specific preparation to high school students who wish to study in Germany. Students who successfully complete the preparatory program can apply directly to one of the partner universities. Besides offering a certain number of places for Study Bridge participants, these universities also offer a comprehensive range of services designed to support the new students.


The Study Bridge Program includes:
  • Language courses up to the B2/C1 level offered alongside school
  • Summer courses in Germany
  • Subject-matter-specific preparation in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and economic sciences
  • Academic guidance counseling
  • Exams, including preparation
  • Intercultural training


The Study Bridge Program offers partipants an opportunity to
  • join a group of motivated and passionate students that share the same interests and goals 
  • experience Germany, its people and culture as well as the German higher education system while spending two summers there
  • get global competence and intercultural skills
  • get internationally recognized language certificates
  • study a STEM subject at one of Germany’s leading universities directly after finishing high school
  • experience a vibrant cultural scene and extracurricular programs on and off campus
  • earn an internationally recognized university degree after three years of study and no tuition

Target Group 

In order to participate in the program, students should:
  • have attended an American school over the past 6 years at least
  • have above-average academic achievements in STEM subjects
  • have completed their frehsman year of high school at the time of application
  • provide proof of proficiecy in German at the A1 level or higher