Alumni Mini-Grants

Mini Grant Competition © Wood Powell

TOP Alumni Mini-Grants

In the spirit of continuing the dialogue on modern Germany and increasing global competency in North American classrooms, TOP offers its Alumni funding for class, club, and school-wide projects related to current issues in Germany.
Criteria: The purpose of this Mini-Grant is to support a class, club, or school-wide project that encourages students to learn about, research, experience, and discuss current issues using Germany as a case study. You may propose funding for a project on any topic that is of interest to your students, as long as it relates to contemporary issues in Germany. We encourage projects that involve online exchanges with German students and are happy to help connect you with a partner teacher.
Eligibility: Mini-Grants are available to all TOP Alumni (past Fellows) and can be used to support a class, club, or school project at any grade level.
Available Funding: Mini-Grants are available in the amount of $500 - $2,500 and will be awarded after the approval of a project proposal. Your proposal should include a detailed budget for the project, with the proposed total project cost falling anywhere within the available range. Funding could be used, for example, to pay for project-specific supplies, local student transportation, classroom equipment for online exchanges, newspaper subscriptions, etc. All requests for funding must be directly related to what you need to carry out the proposed project with your students. We will not fund: teacher travel without students; basic school supplies such as paper or pencils; food/beverage costs, etc.
Application Process: Proposals should be approximately 2-3 pages in length and provide a title and detailed description of the project, its objectives, activities, learning outcomes, and timeline. Proposals should also include a detailed project budget. All proposals should be submitted as an email attachment to
Deadline: Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis.