Scavenger Hunt Lesson Competition

The German History Scavenger Hunt

TOP Alumni Competition

The Transatlantic Outreach Program (TOP) has recently completed a new educational film which follows 10th grade students of the John Lennon School Berlin as they embark on a “German History Scavenger Hunt” exploring Germany’s past, present, and future.

TOP invites all Alumni to participate in a competition for inquiry-based lesson plans to accompany this resource.

The entire film is approximately 30 minutes long and has also been broken up into three film segments, each about 10 minutes in length, for more flexibility during instruction. The three segments cover:

"Part 1: Remembering the Darkest Chapter"
"Part 2: Germany and the Cold War"
"Part 3: Shaping Germany's Future"


This competition is open to all TOP Alumni (educators who have traveled to Germany with TOP in the past).


Winning submissions will be published in an instructional guide to accompany the "German History Scavenger Hunt" film, reaching thousands of educators in the United States and Canada, and winning authors will receive $500 (each) for their submission.

Criteria and Guidelines

Participants must inform TOP by e-mail that they intend to participate in the competition!

  • Additionally, participants must inform TOP about which film segment or segments (Part 1, 2, 3 and/or full film) they intend to submit their inquiry or inquiries. TOP will need to make sure that all three film segments receive inquiries.
  • Participants may submit inquiry-based lesson plans that cover either an individual film segment or the entire film.
  • Participants may submit multiple lesson plans for consideration in the competition.
  • Both STEM and social studies inquiries will be accepted.
  • Submissions must be designed as inquiry-based lessons and authors must use the provided inquiry templates.

Inquiry Guides and Templates
Submission Process

Inquiries must be completed using the provided social studies or STEM inquiry template and must be submitted as a Word document.


Submissions must be received by Wednesday, September 30, 2020.

E-mail Address for Inquiries and Submission