Information for Fellows

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Graduate Credit

Since 2008, the Transatlantic Outreach Program in cooperation with Millersville University is pleased to offer three (3) graduate credit hours for TOP Fellows.

How does one become eligible?
  • Be an active and enthusiastic participant throughout the duration of the two-week study tour.
  • Complete all post-study-tour requirements.
  • Clearly demonstrate the study tour's impact on your classroom and community.
Does the credit apply to a specific course title?

GOVT 586: A Direct Examination of German Government, Education, Business, and Culture for Social Studies Educators

Is credit available for specifically for STEM educators?

If you are participating in a course designed for STEM educators, MU will only be able to give "GOVT 586" credit. Please confirm with your school district if this will meet your needs.

Do eligible candidates have a deadline?

The credit application form and method of payment must be submitted within one year from the conclusion of the study tour. Millersville prefers that candidates apply for credit within six months of returning but will accept credit applications up to twelve months of returning.

How much does the credit cost?

The cost for the three (3) semester hours is $440.00 USD.

How long does it take to issue the credit?

Assuming the paperwork and payment information is submitted properly, please allow about 6 weeks for processing.

How does an eligible candidate apply for credit?
  1. Read the credit application instructions (refer to the first link below).
  2. Complete the credit application form (refer to the second link below).
  3. Following the completion of this form, you will be taken to a secure online check-out where you will need to provide payment information.
  4. Upon receipt of your application and payment information, Millersville will request a transcript from TOP.
  5. TOP will submit an official transcript to Millersville and your credit will be issued.
For additional information regarding the credit application process, please refer to the following contacts:

Global Education
Millersville University

Christina M. Kinney, M.Ed.
Program Coordinator