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DIgitale Medien Unterrichten Illustration: Tobias Schrank © Goethe-Institut
 @goethe-institut/kids interactive

Digital Kinderuniversity

How to combine German and STEM successfully? The Digital Kinderuniversity is an online platform for students (8-12-year-old), parents and teachers. No German knowledge required to get started! Digital Kinderuniversity features 30 multimedia lectures in three  disciplines (Nature, Technology, Humanities). 

What is old is new again

Between 2007 and 2009, TOP launched two online interactive games. "Save Our Schule" is a "decision making" game for upper elementary students and "Race 4 the Future" is for high school students. Both games were designed to explore core democratic values shared by Germans and Americans.

Now in spring 2020, TOP is dusting off the cobwebs and making the games available once again. They are a bit dated, both in terms of technology and content, but fun and learning opportunities are still to be had. Follow the links below to play!

Technical Note

Both games are based on the dated Adobe Flash 8 API. Most modern internet browsers will discontinue their support for Adobe Flash by December 2020 or have done so already.

Please note these instructions on how to enable Adobe Flash in the Google Chrome browser.

The process described in the document above is similar for both the Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge browsers. The games have been recently tested on both new PC and Mac platforms. Since both games are officially discontinued, TOP cannot offer any additional technical support.

save_our_schule_game © Goethe-Institut / TOP


Join students from the fictional "Henkel Schule" as they discover plans for the demolition of their beloved school. Help them make choices along the way that will save their school from being destroyed…or else.

Game navigation hint: the “chapters” of the game are listed above the game window.

race_4_the_future © Goethe-Institut / TOP


You are an exchange student from an American high school and you have just arrived in Berlin to take part in the "Race 4 the Future" to win a full college scholarship. Your challenge is to find all of the "Clue Kiosks" and successfully answer the questions given to you. Let Berlin be your playground and don't forget, time is ticking.

Game navigate hint: Use the "Esc / Escape" key to toggle the game's chapters.