Dialogue: Workshop Leaders

Leading a TOP Workshop © Wood Powell

Why Lead a TOP Workshop?

Whether you are an experienced teacher-trainer or want to conduct a professional development workshop for the first time, there are many reasons to lead a TOP workshop with our teaching materials. Becoming an active workshop leader within your school or district is one way to advance your career as an educator beyond the classroom. Workshop leaders can also gain exposure on the state, regional, and national levels through various educator conferences. Finally, becoming a workshop leader will enhance your application should you apply for a TOP study tour to Germany. If you need additional guidance on how to lead a TOP workshop, be sure to review the TOP Toolkit for Professional Development.

TOP classroom materials are designed for educators. In other words, one set of materials per classroom is sufficient to internationalize your curriuclum using Germany as a case study for comparison and contrast. Complimentary copies for classroom use may be ordered using the Request Free Materials link.

Professional development workshop leaders may order an appropriate number of copies for distribution to workshop participants. Workshop leaders will need to submit workshop attendee information following the conclusion of the workshop. Complimentary copies for workshop leaders may be ordered using the Request Free Materials link.

Educators ordering from TOP for the first time will need to register with HBP Portal Pro. This 1-minute process requires a name, username, and password.
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