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TOP Virtual Study Tours© Bernhard Ludewig / Goethe-Institut

TOP Virtual Study Tour

While the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing border closures mean we have to be apart this summer, we can still be "Wunderbar Together". TOP is pleased to announce our 2020 Virtual Study Tour: Wunderbar Together Apart. We hope our fellows, alumni, educators, and friends will enjoy these virtual experiences to connect, debate, learn, and simply have fun! Gute Reise!

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Take part in our #TOPtuesday and #TOPthursday events!

June 23: 11:00 AM EDT

June 25: 11:00 AM EDT

JUNE 30: 11:00 AM EDT

JULY 2: 11:00 AM EDT

JULY 7: 11:00 AM EDT

JULY 9: 11:00 AM EDT

JULY 14: 11:00 AM EDT

JULY 16: 11:00 AM EDT

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