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Cooking Up Ideas with Über den Tellerrand

© Über den Tellerand

"Über den Tellerrand" is an important phrase in the German language. It literally means, "beyond the edge of the plate" or to put it in English context, "outside the box".

Über den Tellerrand was founded in Berlin in 2013 to bring together people as equals, creating opportunities for personal exchange and friendship between those with refugee experience and without. Über den Tellerrand now brings people together in some 35 cities throughout Germany and around the world through its diverse activities, mentoring programs, cookbooks, and cooking courses. Their mission? To foster a society based on social cohesion, mutual respect and inclusiveness, and in which all people are treated as equals.

TOP and the Goethe-Institut Visitors Programme invite you to come cook with Ghaith Hanki and Lotta Häfele as they share their stories, discuss the Über den Tellerrand intercultural cooking project, and discuss "three questions about happiness".

Date: Thursday, June 25, 2020
Start Time: 11:00 AM EDT / 17:00 CET
End Time: 12:30 PM EDT / 18:30 CET

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