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The European Union and the COVID-19 Pandemic

EU Workshop Berlin
© Jenny Windell / Goethe-Institut

The European Union we know today emerged from the continental destruction of World War II. Since then, the E.U. has evolved, step by careful step, treaty by treaty, into a legal framework in which specific core values and common visions and ideas are espoused among its member states. Such core values include the common single market, bound together by the Euro currency, and the freedom of movement of people and goods without borders. From vacations to jobs to studying in other E.U. countries through the Erasmus program: Europeans have embraced their unprecedented freedom of movement. But what has happened to these core European values during the global pandemic?

This online workshop will discuss the core values and ideas that have shaped the E.U. and will examine how the COVID-19 pandemic continues to influence these values. Workshop presenters Caroline Heil and Bettina Schmidt, joining the workshop from Berlin, will pose the question: How resilient is the grand “European idea” when it comes to a crisis and global pandemic?

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