Adventure German
A Mysterious Mission

An adventure game for advanced learners of German from Level B1. Placed in a professional environment, the players solve an exciting criminal case.

A mysterious letter from her uncle brings journalist Jayden McIntyre to Germany. Having arrived, instead of meeting her uncle she merely comes upon a trail of mysterious packages. In search of her uncle and a solution to her mysterious task, Jayden follows the packages through the world of a German company.

The app “Adventure German – A Mysterious Mission” is an exciting criminal case that can only be solved when the players learn and apply the correct vocabulary for German in professional life: submitting a job application and successfully navigating a job interview, arranging appointments, and making public presentations – Jayden - and the players along with her - has to be successful at work, because only there, on the job, will she discover the solution to her mysterious task.

Interactive dialogues and mini-games offer entertaining options for developing German language competence. In addition, German learners acquire basic information on inter-cultural communication. Instructions and assistance are available in the game in German, English and Spanish.